Video: Flash 10.1 On The N900

At MAX 2009, Adobe showcased Flash 10.1, the version of flash that will work across smartphones, netbooks and mobile devices. The good thing about it is that it promises the exact same performance and functionality whether you are on a full fleged computer or a mobile device. Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, demoed Flash Player 10.1 on a number of devices starting with the N900 and the thing to notice was that how well the N900 performed.

While the N900 will ship with version 9 of Adobe’s Flash player, judging by the video below, you can expect an upgrade to version 10.1 sooner than later.

11 thoughts on “Video: Flash 10.1 On The N900”

  1. FYI, Kevin Lynch says that the N900 that he is demoing has Flash 9.4. He said that 10.1 would soon be coming to it as well and goes on to demo a yet to be released Android phone whiich is actually running 10.1.

  2. manojlds you are completly wrong. He says that the N900’s out on the market currently supports flash 9.4 but that the device he has there is actually running flash 10.1.

    Fantastic progress, I’m really looking forward to this flash player update.

  3. The title for the above link is “Who said that Flash 10.1 is not coming?” for those wary about clicking on unknown links.

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