Details: Skype On The N900

Skype on the N900 is one of its highlights and yesterday at the Maemo Summit, Mark Douglas, the product manager for Skype on the N900, revealed the following details in his keynote:

Skype On The N900

  • Skype on the N900 will use the platform UI with branding so that they can be deeper integration with the N900.
  • Skype on the N900 supports multiple accounts.
  • As of now video calls over Skype are not supported, support will be made available if possible.
  • There is however rest of the Skype functionality including:
    • Instant Messaging
    • Call Forwarding (Divert calls to another number or Skype ID),
    • Calls to landlines, mobiles and Skype to Skype.
    • The ability to edit your profile on the device.
    • On device credit purchase.
    • The ability to export and import phone numbers.

The lack of video calls doesn’t bother me and the rest of it looks like a very complete package. With this in mind, it definitely looks like the N900 is going to deliver one of the best VOIP experiences on a mobile handset.

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15 thoughts on “Details: Skype On The N900”

  1. This is good news, that the most important Skype features are available on the phone without starting an app. Thanks for that. A great argument.

    On the other hand I would suggest to implement die Video Call feature as soon as possible before Android provides it and makes great noise.

    I can also be a great differentiator from the iphone, that will not have it (at least on the 3G), and maybe finally push Video calls in general on the Market. Ok, even if at the beginning not many people will use Video calls, Nokia can sell the N900 as “the Video calling enabled device”. It must be very easy to handle, and I believe this is the case with Skype, so calls to Laptops and netbook (all equipped with camera nowadays) will come more and more.

    The worse news would be if apple pushes VC in the next generation phones (also the coming tablet). I cannot hear Steve announcing, they are the first, the best, the incredible in the world providing VC.
    So please hurry and do clever marketing.

  2. Rumeo, I definitely agree Nokia needs to pull up marketing vis-a-vis apple. I still remember how copy paste and using the iPhone as a modem became ‘features’.

    As far as video calls over IP go, it’ll be great to have them but I don’t think there is a huge market for them. People want privacy and plus its also easier to lie when someone’s not looking at you! 😉

  3. Video skype would be the killer application for the N900.
    If they add video calling they will be ahead of iphone.
    They have the front camera and the power so why not use it!!!.
    That is real mobile computing !!!!

  4. Hi,

    Happy to see that video skype may be integrated on the N900.
    Now, I wonder if the N900 still allows to use SIP call and if he gets a xterm.
    Is the GPS more efficient than the N810?

  5. Sorry I forgot to ask the difference between the N810 and the N900 but the telephony feature and the size.

  6. What is needed is no fancy, bandwidth eating camera function, but plain and simple SMS! The ISPs charge a fortune for this stone-age technology. Come on Nokia and Skype, this should be possible!

  7. I wanted to say googletalk has video embeded into the n900.
    when you recieve a google talk call and recieve as normal like a regular call, it actually shows a webcam icon which opens up the front camera.
    the capability seems to be already embeddded, so maybe skype need to rewrite the skype app to exploit this feature, and introduce it into the next n900 firmware update.
    or maemo/ nokia ?

  8. Why can’t the skype have video call feature on N900, Please update it.
    Thats gonna take step a head of Iphone

  9. If your looking for Skype features worth supporting, please consider : SMSs via Skype and Skype Access.

  10. I’d like to vote for video calls for the N900’s Skype application too.
    Surely if GoogleTalk supports it, it’s quite possible and straightforward to do.
    I assume the N900’s GPU and CPU are fast enough to transmit and receive some low resolution skype video streams.

  11. Although I am not a great user of video calls, I support the idea of having this feature developed as soon as possible.
    However from my prospective, the file transfer option would be a great advantage and currently its lack is bringing a grim on my face :S
    Just think about it – at least me and my colleagues are exchanging constantly files and images – I suppose most of the Nokia users do so.

  12. N900’s sold in India are not preloaded with Skype.

    Its a joke that Nokia Customer care says , tat Skype will not be available due to Government regulations.

    My previous E90 had Skype, all my office colleagues who have Symbian based Nokia’s have skype.

    I am the odd man out.

  13. hi
    i have some problems in downloading the skype when i am downloading from skype website then they told skype is pre installed and when i am finding skype on ovi store then it is not coming in site so please tell me how i download the skype

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