Ovi Maps Q&A Later Today – Get Your Questions In

Last Wednesday I told you about DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 satellite launch that will bring high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery to Ovi Maps in order to improve the global driving, hiking and walking navigation capabilities. Today, I’m glad to say that I have been invited to a Q&A about the launch and what it will mean for Ovi Maps.

Nokia Satellite

I am also glad to say that we will be joined by the CEO of Digital Globe to talk about how the satellite will improve the Ovi Maps offering and also by representatives from the Ovi Maps team. I already have a few questions in my mind, but if there is something you want to know, please leave it in the comments section and I will try and get an answer for you.

7 thoughts on “Ovi Maps Q&A Later Today – Get Your Questions In”

  1. What improvements we can see in Map Data? In India we still cant see satellite/Terrain option in OVI maps. Other countries have it.

  2. newbie question. i dont want a turn by turn navigation. just show me from point A to point B. is it possible? how?

  3. My question is simple:

    Why doesn’t Ovi Maps work as well as Google Maps? Ovi maps simply does NOT find anything I type in, while I can always rely on Google Maps to give me quick, accurate searches. Nokia will have a hard time marketing this application to developed nations if they can’t even get simple searches right.

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