Sports Tracker Breaks Away From Nokia To Form Sports Tracking Technologies

A few days ago I told you about Ovi Journeys, that was described as the evolution of the Sports Tracker application. On the same post, I received an anonymous comment pointing us to the Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill, which revelaed that four new companies have been created through the Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill IPR spinout and that a company called Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd was one of them.

Sports Tracking technologies

What this means is that the two member team of Jussi Kaasinen and Ykä Huhtala, the core developers behind the hugely successful Sports Tracker application have come together to start their own company Sports Tracking Technologies. This explains the apparent lack of development of the application and the subsequent stagnation. Nokia therefore is no longer directly behind the application but will turn into a client of the said company. The reasons for this lull, as explained by Jussi Kaasinen were intellectual property issues relating to the migration. We now also know that the team at STT has grown and is working on ‘feature enhancements and compatibility refinements for products and services which promise to remain wholly sports-centric‘.

These are interesting developments indeed and I am pretty interested in seeing what new functionality does the team bring to Sports Tracker. We currently do not have a timeline for updates, but I hope to see some action on this front soon. With this I would like to wish the team at STT the best of luck in their endeavors.

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