Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta For Your Symbian Smartphone

The first beta of the Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian devices is now available for both S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices. The browser supports multiple tabs, a speed dial and a very speedy performance which gets an even bigger boost when you enable the ‘Turbo’ mode which uses server side compression akin to its sibling Opera Mini.

The browser also features on screen keyboards QWERTY keyboards (both Portrait and Landscape) similar to the Opera Mini application. The tabs are very easy to navigate and the whole interface seems snappy with more than a hint of eye candy.

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(Speed Dial)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(Website rendering is quick, you can double tap to zoom)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(The QWERTY keyboard is a pleasure)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(Tab management is intuitive, tap to switch)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(The settings menu slides in with a bit of eye candy, is easy to navigate)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(Opera Turbo enables server side compression like the Opera Mini)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(Landscape mode is available as well, kinetic scrolling is minimal)

Opera Mobile 10 For Symbian/Nokia

(There is sadly no flash support, there was a video after the second paragraph)

I will be playing with this release a little more over the next few days and will let you know what I think, meanwhile I suggest you go ahead and download anyway, its free after all. If nothing else, think of it as a native Opera Mini on steroids. The beta is free to download to your computer from or directly to your mobile phone from

6 thoughts on “Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta For Your Symbian Smartphone”

  1. 8.65 is miles better than this. This is just .jar into .sis of opera mini 5! Extremely disappointed with this beta.

  2. I keep getting an error on nokia e71-2. Its says “general memory full, please close other apps to free up space” even though I don’t have any other apps runing at the time. It really seems like opera mini beta 5 on steroids and I would really like to get rid of this bug. I currently have 5 browsers apart from the original installed on my phone. I use opera mini 4.2 as my main browser and whatever I can’t do in it I try one of the others. Its a pain sometimes but hopefully sometime in the future there will be a better browser.

  3. I love Opera Mini 5 Beta and am now trying to download and install Opera 10 Mobile beta. However, after abut 25% of the download I just get a message saying cannot download file.

    Anybody else had this problem? Or know how to solve it?


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