Demo Of Qt From ‘The Way We Live Next 3.0’ Event

Nokia has just released Qt 4.6, the first release of Qt to natively support both Symbian and Maemo. Why Qt is important is because it enables the creation of applications which can run on both platforms yet be born from a single code base. In other words, the developer can make an application once and then supply it both for Symbian and Maemo devices.

This is the tool Nokia is looking at to harmonise software development across its different platforms. Qt also supports Windows 7, Apple Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Maemo 6. At the Way We Live Next event at Nokia House, I can able to catch a demo of how this will work and ask a couple of questions about it, the video is embedded below.

If you want to know more about Qt, hit this link.

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  1. Just to add on to it,

    We can now develop our Qt applications for mobile with Qt 4.6.0 and Qt Creator 1.3. Qt enables to take desktop applications mobile and bring mobile applications to the desktop.
    Enhanced UI features, such as opacity, drop-shadows, glow, and filtering support, along with improved graphics and web support enables rich, attractive UIs

    for more information on it check:

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