noBounds! & N900: Full HD Video Out Via WiFi Could Become A Reality

Over an hear ago I had written about the noBounds! project (run by people from the Nokia Research Center in Germany) that aimed to provide a low-power solution for mobile users to extend Smartphone and Internet Tablet screens and project them to higher resolution external displays such as high definition TV’s, projectors and near-to-eye displays (NED). The aim of the project was to let those devices output video at Full HD (1920×1080p) – 30 FPS over USB or WiFi.

This technology was even shown off on a N810. This was over 18 months ago and then we heard no more about the project, some people went as far as calling it a hoax. However recently the one of the developers behind the project has denied the allegations and confirmed that it works on the N900 as well. The reason for the delay according to him was the closure of the Nokia Production and R&D in Germany where the team was laid off.

This is what he head to say:

noBounds! can be understood as an external Smartphone-companion GPU. It’s expanding N900’s capabilities and can relieve the local N900-CPU, too. This enables Desktop-like behaviour (e.g. with 1920x1080p GUI) of the N900 without any PC!
Only needed are: N900 with driver SW, WiFi and our remote-GPU connected to a TV or Projector.
You can compare that situation very well to e.g. ATI or nVidea Graphic-cards in a PC, but the CPU (i.e. N900) is connected to the LiquidGPU over build-in USB or WiFi, instead of a PCI-bus.

So there you have it. The mere possibility that the N900 can project at the FULL HD resolution is enough to excite me. Given its powerful browser and amazing multitasking ability, it could well and truly be the ‘mobile computer’.

Request to Nokia: If this is true and it was a official project, then please take this up and get a team to work on it. It is too promising to be abandoned.