An Interesting Interview With Ms. Purnima Kochikar, VP Forum Nokia

At ‘The Way We Live Next‘ event I was fortunate to get an opportunity to interview Ms. Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Forum Nokia and Developer Community, who is responsible for strategy and growth opportunities with Nokia’s third party developers to create a vibrant Nokia ecosystem.

Over the course of 30 minutes we able to cover a number of subjects including:

  • The number of applications on the Ovi Store and Symbian application visibility in general.
  • Why should developers have to pay to get on the Ovi Store, even if they are going to give away their apps for free?
  • The surge in developer interest as far as Maemo goes.
  • The possibility to Nokia opening up the Ovi Store to devices from other manufacturers.

I have trimmed down the video to a little over 13 minutes. Since YouTube only accepts videos under 10 minutes, I have uploaded the interview to Vimeo (embedded below) and

While editing the video I realised that I should listen more while interviewing someone and not let the lawyer in me get the better of the conversation. Therefore, I would like to especially thank Ms. Kochikar for her time and patience.

PS: Speaking of Forum Nokia – I will be heading to Bangalore to attend the Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09.

4 thoughts on “An Interesting Interview With Ms. Purnima Kochikar, VP Forum Nokia”

  1. Thats was quiet interesting.. And N900 coming to India?? Remains still as a question!

    Where would one developer be interstd on developing an app for the maemo platform without a maemo phone with him to test it??

  2. Apurv, N-Gage wasn’t doing to well as a brand and had a bit of a clash with the Ovi Store when it came to an outlet for games. So the branding is gone but Nokia remains gaming focused. (This is my reasoning, not official Nokia speak! :))

    Arun, that is no problem. I’m sure Forum Nokia will be able to get a deserving developer a N900. That’s why events like the Forum Nokia Developer Conference (Dec. 7,’09) are held.

  3. Yes am aware of the event.. Thanks vaibhav,

    Also i have another question in here- In USA and other foreign countries , if there’s some problem or too many bugs in the phone, Nokia give’s a replacement! But in here(INDIA) they just solve the prob ,not completely though but they don’t give replacement! No proper service here in India! At least there’s no proper service in my city Bangalore.

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