Forum Nokia Is Helping Commercial Maemo Developers Get on The Ovi Store For Free

In a move I can only label as awesome, Forum Nokia at the Maemo Barcelona Long Weekend announced that Maemo commercial developers interested in publishing at the Ovi Store are invited to apply to their Launchpad program for free and if approved, will have free access to Ovi Publisher plus the regular services from the Launchpad program.

In other words, if you have a good Maemo application, Nokia will help you publish it to the Ovi Store for a grand price of free. Details regarding this announcement are expected next week, but developers are encouraged already to apply with details of the projects they are working on.

Forum Nokia Developer Conference 09

I will be attending the Forum Nokia Developer Conference at Bangalore on Monday and we should hopefully hear more about this at the event. I have also setup a live feed from the event at so that you can keep up with the latest.


7 thoughts on “Forum Nokia Is Helping Commercial Maemo Developers Get on The Ovi Store For Free”

  1. You are right. forum Nokia is a great platform for developers. I am eagerly waiting to see what new applications and developments are unveiled at the Forum Nokia Developers conference in in Sydney, Australia on 2nd of March, 2010.

  2. The Developer conference in Sydney was a huge success. Another reason why Nokia is an excellent platform for developers!

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