N900: New Firmware 1.2009.44-1 Now Available

Nokia is rolling out the 1.2009.44-1 update for the N900 over-the-air, if you do not see the 18.5 MB update to Maemo5 in the Application Manager, try refreshing it. If you still do not see the update, it will be because Nokia has not rolled it out in your region yet and you will have to wait.

New Firmware 1.2009.44-1 Now Available For The N900

New Firmware 1.2009.44-1 Now Available For The N900

The 1.2009.44-1 build is only two weeks older than the one the N900 ships with and seems to be a precursor or enabler for the bigger PR 1.1’s OTA update that we can expect soon. This update in itself doesn’t seem to brings much apart from changes to icons of the Application Manager and its behavior after you install an application, now it comes back to the point where you were prior to installing the application.

If you do update, let us know how it went.

22 thoughts on “N900: New Firmware 1.2009.44-1 Now Available”

  1. just installed the update. everything went fine, so far no issues. liked the new icons for the app. manager.

  2. Did they forget to update the version within the phone?

    ‘uname -a’ gives me 42-11, even AFTER the upgrade…

    (ABOUT confirms that I do have 44-1 though…)

  3. Updated through Nokia Updater, had trouble with over-the-air update.
    No trouble installing the update with the program and phone seems to be working fine…

    seems like all the photos are gone from the memory, but text-messages and contacts are still there, and so are calendar markings

  4. sorry… phone was connected to PC while I checked out…After unplugging USB cable I noticed nothing else has gone except programs I had installed. It was good to get rid of all the useless stuff too, it’s amazinh how much useless programs you try once and then forget to remove

  5. i did everything from clicking at update till backing up the data then when i was clicking on download the firmware, it says not enough memory in target !
    i dont have much stuff stored.. help !!

  6. Junior Radwan, it appears that you have filled your root memory by installing apps from the extras devel repository. Try uninstalling a few apps, reboot and try again.

    Bach, no those commands don’t work even after the week 51 update that came out today. However I believe that there is an application in the works that allows us to do that.

    Hope this helps!

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