Big Ovi Announcement Tomorrow – I Will Be Attending The Parallell Event At New Delhi

By now you might have heard that Nokia will be making some pretty big announcements relating to ‘Ovi’ tomorrow. When the news first broke it appeared as if Nokia was probably going to announce the new version of the Ovi Store, but since Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President of Nokia was  going to be there, it seemed it would be something slightly bigger.

Since then we have had news of parallel events happening in the US, Germany and a few other places and I have just been invited to a similar one at the Nokia India headquarters in Gurgaon where senior Nokia people will be present. All of this leads me to the conclusion that the ‘Ovi Store’ refresh cannot be the ‘big’ news alone. Another interesting things about this Nokia event is the timing, just 3 weeks before the Mobile World Congress and a week before Apple’s Jan 28 event. What couldn’t wait?


We should know in under 24 hours from now, will play host to a virtual Q&A starting 3:00 pm (IST) on Jan 21, so make sure you check in on time.