Free Premium Content (Including Navigation) For Maps Is The ‘Big’ Ovi Announcement

So there you have it, the big Ovi announcement for today is Nokia making navigation and other premium content free for its GPS enabled devices. Underwhelmed? On a personal level, yes. On a rational level? No way. I have specially traveled to Nokia India’s headquarters for this announcemnt and considering the simultaneous events they are having around the world, you would have expected more.

On a more rational level? The news is absolutely ‘HUGE’. Gamechanger, definitely. Google had announced free navigation for a select devices in the US but the sheer reach of Ovi Maps is what makes this bigger, much bigger. Based on my person experience with Ovi Maps, I can safely say that the navigation experience is solid, search needs a bit of work but for free this is a killer deal. So that’s free event guides, free lonely planet & Michelin guides, and free navigation.

Ovi Maps Free Navigation

The one damp squib is that Nokia has just introduced this for 10 devices as of now and that the N97 is not one of them, its younger sibling the N97 mini is. I cannot fathom why would Nokia do this? Perhaps because the N97 has had GPS issues? Here is a link to the official press release.

[Update – Other GPS devices including the N97 will also be added to the existing list of devices that support free navigation and other premium content. N97 to get it within a week].

Come March 2010, new Nokia GPS-enabled smartphones will include the new version of Ovi Maps, pre-loaded with local country map data, with high-end walk and drive navigation and access to Lonely Planet and Michelin travel guides at no extra cost.

Incase you are wondering, Ovi Maps covers 84 cities in India with over 1 million points of interest. Two large updates

12 thoughts on “Free Premium Content (Including Navigation) For Maps Is The ‘Big’ Ovi Announcement”

  1. Just downloaded the new Ovi maps for my original N97 and it is working fine. It does reduce available memory by about 12mb though! Great to have free voice guidanced/traffic updates etc. On the N97.

  2. A nice idea, but they leave out their flagship handset on release day. Sorry, but there’s no excuse for Nokia failing their N97 customers who are leaving the brand in droves after suffering the turgid dross of a handset – and are constantly left waiting at the alter for improvements or just the basics to work properly.

  3. I was excited to hear this, but sadly, it’s crashing my phone. When I run it, my phone turns off. I’ve even tried uninstalling and re-installing, but every time I run Maps, the phone just shuts off.

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