Gtalk Video Chat Is Possible On The N900

The front camera on the N900 will be useful after all! Did you know that you can use the N900 to video chat via Gtalk? As it appears from the following thread, the N900 cannot initiate a video chat, however if the person you are chatting with does so, you can enable video from the N900 and can have your very own video chat.

A number of people have confirmed that this works, unfortunately I have had to send my N900 review unit back and am still awaiting the delivery of the N900 I bought – so I cannot test this myself.

Here is what Besides from did to get video chat to work:

I didn’t do anything special:

1. I added a Gtalk account under Voip and IM Accounts in Settings. Entered credentials and Saved.
2. Edited my buddy’s contact entry in Contacts. Added a field and selected Gtalk and entered his Gmail address.
3. Clicked the Status area, connected to my wifi, and changed my Availability.
4. My buddy signed into chat on his PC. He instantly appeared Available in my list – green dot beside his name

What we tried:

1. I called him using Gtalk from his entry in my Contacts. Voice only. I could not initiate a Video call. Worked great but it sounded a little worse than Sjype.
2. He called me – Voice chat. As before. Good.
3. He called me – Video Chat. I picked up and shortly saw him. I clicked the Speaker button and activated the Speaker Phone so I can look at the screen. Then I clicked the camera button and then we were both displayed on my screen. At that point he also started seeing me. It was possible to view me full screen but the quality was not great. Still, pretty amazing.

Video chat, directly out of the box with no 3rd party apps needed. I hope this functionality will be perfected with a new firmware. The N900 doesn’t cease to impress me. Check back for my review soon.

[Screenshot via Anidel]

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  1. Hello, i got two N900 and tried this between the N900 and can not initiate video conversation.

    Between computer and N900 its no problem.

    Am i doing somthing wrong??


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