Video Demo Of Nokia’s Symbian ^3 UI

Nokia Conversations has just published a video showing off how Symbian ^3 will look on upcoming Nokia devices. At first glance there seems to be a hint of familiarity with the UI that you may have seen on Nokia’s current touch devices like the N97, but that quickly goes away when you look at the sheer number of optimizations and enhancements that have been done to the UI.

There is multitouch (pinch and zoom), multiple homescreens, support for hardware accelerated graphics, single tap across the entire UI, complete kinetic scrolling, a new visual task manager and so on. All in all a pretty impressive picture. Complete with the right hardware, Symbian ^3 itself could be something and you won’t have to wait for Symbian ^4 to stop bickering over the ‘old’ Symbian UI.

What do you think? Maemo-ish? (That isn’t a bad thing though!)

9 thoughts on “Video Demo Of Nokia’s Symbian ^3 UI”

  1. Very nice but I think I think it should be possible to choose between the Single Tap and Double Tap mode everywhere…

  2. What does this all mean to the people who have N97 & N97 mini (like myself)? Is Symbian^3 only for upcoming phones? I hope they don’t forget people who already own their products.

  3. @Vaibhav: Sorry, but I think that double tap is sometimes better than single tap. It reduces the risk of “un-wanted” validation or selection, which may happens often during scroll interactions (even with an iphone), selection while encountering display lag, etc.

  4. Shehan, unfortunately, the older phones will not get S^3 as such. But some functionality could be back ported to older devices e.g. Kinetic scrolling was from S^2.

    Flex, I agree, but for most users this leads them away from a seamless experience. Infact, this was one of the biggest criticisms that S60 5th Edition UI’s faced.

  5. As a user if Nokia products from the 2110 to the N97 as well being an Interactive Designer I would like to know what is the fundamental difference from what other products offer with the Symbian OS from the iPhone, iPad, LG and Samsungs systems? I have to say from using the N95 to N97 i have stopped using Nokia because the software keeps crashing as well as the annoying design migration from a menu button to an unknown button to access the menu. currently I am using C510 and testing a Samsung Monte.

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