Skype Out Of Beta – Compatible With S60 5th Edition Devices

Skype has finally come out of beta and now not only supports S60 3rd Edition (both FP1 and FP2) devices but also S60 5th Edition smartphones like the N97, N97 Mini, 5800 and so on. This means that the N97 finally has Skype support, something that was promised the day it shipped.

You can download Skype by going to from your phone’s browser. According to Steve over at AAS, the client for S60 5th Edition has been revamped and is a lot more demanding when it comes system resources like the RAM. So you can expect slowdowns when the application starts and loads contacts, chats etc. Apart from that call quality is good, so this is still a must install.

The compatibility list now includes a most devices starting with S60 3rd Edition, but some FP2 devices like the N86 and E72 seem to be missing, while other FP2 phones like the N96 are listed as compatible. I will try the application on my E72 and N86 and update this post with the results.

[Update: It works on both the E72 and the N86 as well].

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