BootScreen Lets You Change The N900 Boot Video With One Click

N900 users have been able to change their boot screens for a while, but earlier it involved tinkering with code and that meant you needed to know how to use the terminal to get this to work, not anymore. Valério Valério has published an application called BootScreen that lets you change your N900 boot video with a single click and requires no hacking skills.

All you need to do is install BootScreen from the extras-devel repository in the N900 Application Manager (here is how to enable it with one click), transfer the boot video you want to set to the N900 and select it from within the application.

How To Easily Change N900 Boot Video

  • Simply transfer the boot video of your choice to the N900, then select options by tapping the ‘BootScreen’ menu and click on add.

How To Easily Change N900 Boot Video

  • Next select the boot video from where you have saved it. Make sure it has a one word name only.

How To Easily Change N900 Boot Video

  • You will see it added in the list. Here you can move it up or down to set play order if you want to play more than one boot video. To select a video for playback on bootup, it has to be selected/highlighted. Tapping on the video name toggles the highlight.
  • You can even choose to have a random boot video from the options or remove one altogether.
  • There are a number of N900 boot videos on the internet, YouTube has previews to a lot of them and a download link in the sidebar. Here’s the one I am using, and a link to download it.

32 thoughts on “BootScreen Lets You Change The N900 Boot Video With One Click”

  1. Great application! Can’t see it yet in extras-devel repository but hope it’ll be there soon!
    Thanks for letting us know about this.

  2. It wont let me download it says that libqt4-maemo5-network (4.6.2-git20100128-Omaemo1) is conflicting with it???

  3. Well yeah but it doesn’t say what app, so it’s a case of deleting everything else just to get it to work which is a bit of a pain.

  4. Hi, great app but doesn’t works to me 🙁
    I highlighted and moved up your adv theme (n900 extremely short.avi, I like it) and deselected and put in 2nd position nokia standard theme (I don’t like it), so when I turn on my device I expect to see “n900 extremely short.avi” right? Well, nothing play. Just device goes on desktop.
    any idea? Maybe conflicts with some other?
    Curiosity: same as Mangrove, why so 7mb heavy?

  5. All i can see it this:

    Promotion of Qt 4.6 based applications is blocked due to possible conflicts with upcoming Maemo 5 releases. See this post for more information.

    So i guess a mid level user like me should avoid this for now?

  6. Yeah I get the libqt4-maemo5-network conflict too, so having qt4 compatibility over being able to change the boot screen is a bit of a no brainer.

  7. Deathlar, I’m not sure which theme was I using then. Will look it up and let you know.

    The size of the app is because the N900 might have Qt libraries before and that is installed too.

    Renny22, where do you see this. Everything seemed to work okay with me.

  8. I get exactely the same problem as does. Nothing plays it just comes the round cirkle line as usual and its black when the new boot should play.

  9. ive found out what the conflict was, it was a application i had installed that shows me the memory usage when you press the power button. uninstalled it and the program installed fine.

  10. Oh ok. All that says is that the apps should not be promoted to Extras -testing or extras because the Qt libraries are not final. The warning is a general one and not app specific.

    So can still use thsi app without issue, the usual warning about unstable software in extras-devel applies.

  11. Hi first of all thanks for making us understand maemo devices….

    I am new to this community and is trying hard to write my first application for my maemo 900 device.

    I am using a virtual enviorment on windows and esbox for making my application…

    but i am facing alot of problems working with taht like my maemosdk has switch into suspended state making me unable to ope y esbox….

    2.are there any library or automatic tools or interface builder tools like in iphone devlopment to build my application easily…

    3. what things or languages are prerequisites or should i learn to write codes for my maemo device…

    please help…

    lookinf for your help

  12. i installed the app.. but i can’t find it in my applications ..? it shows in my installed app list..

  13. what are the requeriments for the boot video??, i have now the ps3 boot video on my n900 but i tried to put on the x360 boot vid but the app didnt let me, it said: video file is too large” but the ps3 is almost the same Mb’s

  14. ok i have just got my bootscreen working. is it normal for the bootscreen to start after u have enterd ur PIN number?

    i thought the hands play befor i put in my pin

  15. i downloaded but it…worked first..but now…i cant add movies..remove any…and dont know what to do…no response in adding any movie or removing..when i apply remove the files arent removed..and the video i selected for booting isnt even present anymore in the list!!!..and if i want to add anymore videos when i press add..non of the movies are present in my folders..!!!!

  16. Hi Vaibhav Sharma, thanks a lot! I did follow your post and here it goes, one splendid screen boot! I even showed it to my wife. Also, thanks for the other info like extras-dev and extras. I know now the difference. I’m not that techie but I’m learning. Keep it up! More power!

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