Anssi Vanjoki – ‘The N97 Has Been A Tremendous Disappointment In Terms Of The Experience Quality For The Consumers’

In an ‘speaking from the heart’ interview to Rafe and Ewan at the Mobile World Congress, Anssi Vanjoki bit the bullet and talked about the N97, what went wrong and how it has been a huge nightmare for Nokia.

It is unheard of for a company to acknowledge their faux pas so openly but such an acknowledgement and a promise that they have learnt from their mistakes was heartning to see.

He promises that Nokia will make sure that Symbian^3 will be ‘perfect’. Whether or not they deliever time will tell, but Nokia’s not announcing something at the MWC shows that they are not rushing things.

While this is no compensation for the people who bought the N97 when it first came out, it still says something.