How To Install MeeGo On The Nokia N900

As promised, Day 1 is here and with it comes the first release of MeeGo for the N900. As of now this release is intended for the experienced N900 hackers only and should be of little interest to the majority of N900 users. Once installed on the N900 you will see that there is no GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the activity is limited to the terminal only.

If you have decided that you absolutely need MeeGo on your N900, there are numerous ways to install it. You can get pre-built images or make one of your own. You can do a native install or a chroot install or try out alternative boot methods mentioned. The ARM wiki for Meego has detailed instructions, depending on the method you choose:

Obtaining MeeGo images for N900

Installing MeeGo on N900

Native installation method is intended only for experienced N900 hackers at this point. If you choose to try it, you are doing it completely on your own risk.

Chroot install is safer way to try MeeGo without erasing Maemo 5 from your N900 device. Still, you need to know what you are doing.

At any point, if you want Maemo 5 back, follow this tutorial:

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  1. Nice tutorial… I don’t think I will try it though.. as least not yet. For me there’s no reason to risk destroying my phone for a text box =P

    Here’s a video of someone who installed meego.

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