FireFox 1.1 For Maemo Coming In May (Beta Tomorrow) – Will Bring A Ton Of New Features

Firefox 1.1 is slated for a May release and will brings a ton of features that the team did not have time to implement in the initial release. The good news is that a beta will be out as soon as tomorrow, while a release candidate is expected on the 26th of April. The focus for 1.1 is UI experience and here is a list of the new functionality coming:

  • Form assistant improvements, including autocomplete

FireFox 1.1 N900 Maemo

  • Start page redesign

FireFox 1.1 N900 Maemo

  • Auto update add-ons

FireFox 1.1 N900 Maemo

  • Portrait support on N900
  • Context Menu with Open in New Tab and Save Image

FireFox 1.1 N900 Maemo

  • Web content theme update
  • Manage site preferences (clearing passwords and others)
  • Clean up site menu
  • Use volume keys to zoom on N900
  • Save page to PDF

I personally found Firefox to be a little slow and sluggish on my N900 and hope that the 1.1 release fixes that issue as well.

[via: Mark Finkle, MozillaLinks & @bvlad]

9 thoughts on “FireFox 1.1 For Maemo Coming In May (Beta Tomorrow) – Will Bring A Ton Of New Features”

  1. I found it a bit slow aswell, but recently microB keeps crashing on various sites, especially on site that use AJAX quite heavily and so I’m happy to have a stable alternative (Firefox crashed not even once, even with A LOT of AJAX heavy sites simultaneously opened!

  2. I do not see “does not hang the system while browsing” among the new features. Does it mean it will still be as useless as 1.0?

  3. You’ve got the beta day wrong. Today (April 9, 2010), is the “Tabs match Awesome Bar” testing, ( the user types a URL that is open in another tab, it will suggest opening that tab first). The actual Fennec/Mobile Firefox 1.1 Beta testday is April 16, 2010. (

    Please confirm your facts first, especially on blogs. (If I’ve somehow failed to do that, feel free to flame me all you want. 😉 )

  4. i personally prefer microB as firefox for n900 still lacks of many basic features. hopefully version 1.1 can bring us a whole new experience. and for nokia, pls give us the pr1.2 asap!

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