First Screenshots Of MeeGo Emerge

Intel is holding its developer centric conference, IDF in China and that has brought up some interesting information about MeeGo on handheld devices. We have a handset feature list and a few screenshots of the OS. What is not clear is whether this is what Intel is proposing or something which has been agreed on by Nokia.

If you look at the chart above, under the user experience tab, Display Orientation is mentioned and this is clear indication that portrait mode is being worked upon in MeeGo. All the other core functionality that you would expect in Nokia devices is also present.

MeeGo Screenshots MeeGo Screenshots

These screenshots clearly showcase portrait mode functionality, but what should be kept in mind is that they are in no way depec tive of what the final UI might look like when Nokia launches its devices. It will probably help shape MeeGo 1.0 but what Nokia does to the UI on top of that is anyone’s guess.

MeeGo Screenshots

As you can see, MeeGo will look very different from what Maemo 5 looks like today. Interesting times.

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