Nokia’s New Messaging Solutions To Debut Hours From Now – April 13, 0900 Hrs GMT

The page is counting down to – Everyone Connect. What it signifies is anyone’s guess, but what is certain is that the mystery will be revealed just hours from now. Its been ages since Nokia has announced a device and as much as all of us would want to see them do just that, I have a feeling this one will be services focussed, messaging specifically.

I’ve also received an invitation to this event from the good people at WOM World Nokia, as always you can also join in at What is interesting about the invite is the “PS: Hold on to the invite ;)”.

Nokia Everyone Connect

If you look at the back of the invite, you will notice a bubble that is usually used to demonstrate chats and conversations. Another clue that Nokia hid in the counter was the follow imagine which again talks about messaging.

Nokia Everyone Connect - Hidden Message

In an event so ‘messaging’ branded, I am almost certain the much rumored N8 will not make an appearance. It is just not a messaging device. The last time Nokia held such an event, they announced that Ovi Maps navigation was going free, what will it be this time?

3 thoughts on “Nokia’s New Messaging Solutions To Debut Hours From Now – April 13, 0900 Hrs GMT”

  1. no,that buble will be used tomorrow. it is augmented reality stuff, propabbly we will see a secret when they open the camera section at event page

  2. I think it would b abt messaging and new devices recently rumoured n8 or nokia c6??? I hope so eagerly

  3. some kinda campaign that enable user to have a kinda push messaging or push voice messaging?

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