MeeGo 1.0 Running On A Netbook & Other Devices At IDF 2010

The official Nokia twitter account has just directed us to this video of a netbook running MeeGo 1.0 at Intel’s Developer Forum 2010. As you can see from the video, the OS looks very pleasing to the eye and the transitions look smooth. Judging by the looks of things we could see Nokia dumping Windows 7 from its netbooks and the Booklet 3G successor could very well be running MeeGo.

Nokia is also rumored to be building a tablet and MeeGo could again be the perfect OS for it. That way we could have applications that would not only run on Nokia’s N9XX mobile phones, but also its netbooks and tablets. Much like what Apple has going with the iPad and the iPhone.

At IDF, MeeGo was also demonstrated on a variety of Internet connected devices from a netbook to Internet TV to smartphone and digital coupon machine with RFID.

3 thoughts on “MeeGo 1.0 Running On A Netbook & Other Devices At IDF 2010”

  1. I used to have a netbook that I installed Moblin on. And I have the N800 and N900. Meego looks very much like Moblin–I see no Maemo mixed in there.

  2. That’s true. However, the MeeGo device Nokia ships will probably not like this at all. Plus its early days and the first Nokia release will be more of Maemo 6 than, MeeGo. Is only later in the year that we’ll see more.

    Also, MeeGo also has some under the hood additions from Maemo such as support for Qt etc .

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