[Update – Now Available] New N86 v30 Firmware Coming by The Weekend

[Update – The v30.009 N86 firmware is now available via the Nokia Software Updater as well as over the air. an OTA update option should follow soon].

If you are one of the few people who bought the N86, there is good news. A new v30 firmware will be making its way to your devices by the weekend if everything goes well inside of Nokia. I said ‘few people’ because the N86 was one of the best Nseries devic es that Nokia made, yet they failed to market it well.

New N86 v30 Firmware Coming by The Weekend

I hardly saw any advertising or promotion and this a pretty fine handset didn’t reach the heights it should have. I have a N86 and I love it. Anyway, back to the firmware, there is no changelog yet, but we know that v30 is a maintenance release with no new functionality as such. In addition to bug fixing and performance enhancements around the system, we will see updated Maps software with the ability to share location and improvements to messaging performance.

[via: NU]

4 thoughts on “[Update – Now Available] New N86 v30 Firmware Coming by The Weekend”

  1. Yeah m agree with u vaibhav..n86 didnt reach the heights as it should …still using it and happy with it. With my trusty e72 and mini

  2. I updated my n86 to the v30, I wanted to hard format it but am not sure that will i be able to hack it again… so is there any new version of helloox2 or something else which can hack this version as well?

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