Reminder: There’s Still Time To Enter Our N900 Giveaway

If for some reason you missed our initial announcement, here it is one more time. We are giving away THREE Nokia N900’s and you only have time till the 18th of April i.e. three more days to get your entries in.

Reminder: There's Still Time To Enter Our N900 Giveaway

It would be best to read our original announcement here, but if you would like a summary first, read on.

Here is how to enter:

Once you do that you will have three avenues to win:

  • First: Simply tell us what you think of the application – things you like and things you would like to see improved. The top review judged on criteria such as value and merit will be awarded a Nokia N900.
  • Second: Share your Ovi Store experience with us along with what you think would make the Ovi Store perfect.
  • Third: You need to do nothing for this one. Once you have downloaded the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store, simply enter your name in the comments section below and at the end of the contest, we will choose one lucky winner based on a random draw.

That’s it. If you head over to the original post, you will more information about Hi-N-Bye as well as the complete set of rules and deadlines.

Note: I have  disabled comments on this post so that they is no confusion and all your entries are made at the original post.