New Nokia 5800 Firmware v50.0.005 Now Available

The 5800 is one of Nokia’s most successful touch devices and therefore it is no surprise that they keep making it better. The device has now been blessed with the v50 firmware that adds new functionality as well brings the usual bug fixes and enhancements.

New Nokia 5800 Firmware v50.0.005 Now Available

The update is available both via the Nokia Software Updater and over-the-air (OTA) for very few product code as as of now, the device has user data preservation so you can update without loosing any data, once it comes to your product code, although a backup is always recommended.

From the initial reports, key changes include kinetic scrolling in the menu, N97 style alphabet scrolling in the music player, a pre loaded quick office app and an update to the real player among other things. Have you noticed something else? Please let us know in the comments section below.

[via: Siraj]

9 thoughts on “New Nokia 5800 Firmware v50.0.005 Now Available”

  1. Available here in Kenya… updating now. I’m interested in speeding up the GUI of my 5800 XM. I am too fast (or the phone is too slow!).

  2. Kinetic scrolling in the media player works great. Music play now shows album art in the songs/artists/albums list if your MP3s have them.

  3. ya, i just got it last night…
    i couldn’t see any QO too, only OviSync added.
    however, it has resolved the buggy screen issue i’ve had for quite sometime after the upgrade, didn’t see any glitching lines on the screen up to now.

  4. after i upgraded and went to mobile)it recognizes my phone as a n97 and when i download the facebook app it cool and the browser is always in full screen that u have to tap an arrow on the lower right corner to bring up the left and right soft key buttons option.

  5. Still rubbish bluetooth implementation. Occasionally loses a serial/audio pairing for handsfree; needs rebooting often to auto-connect to handsfree, and even then won;t connect the audio side every time 🙁

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