New Nokia E72 Firmware 031.023 Now Available – Detailed Change Log Inside

Nokia is on a roll, the next device to receive some firmware love is the Nokia E72. The v31 firmware brings long desired functionality such as support for internet radio among other things. Also present are the usual bug fixes including the one for the spacebar.

New Nokia E72 Firmware 031.023 Now Available - Detailed ChangeLog Inside

Inbuilt apps such as Maps and the web browser have also been updated. At the time of writing the update is only available via the NSU. It is a major update and definitely recommended. Please find the complete changelog below:

New Content

  • WAPI support for China
  • Internet radio
  • Smart Connect
  • Bloomberg
  • Advanced Communications Manager


  • Freestyle email (2.05, BL3, csw.32.rd_email_10w04)
  • My Nokia (4.1)
  • Nokia Maps SR3
  • Share on OVI (4.3)
  • OviStore (1.5.436)
  • Cherry (2.1)
  • Browser 7.2

Corrections – Only major corrections listed.

  • Stability improvements
  • Memory leak corrections to improve general stability
    Music player, radio, video recording, earphone, security sw and encryprion stability corrections
  • Localisation corrections(MAPS, Calendar, Contacts, Email and Browser area)

Email improvements

  • MFE activation registration correction
  • Synchronisation correction to mailbox creation(like Yahoo and Gmail) for the first time
  • Email editing correction(dubling of words when deleting suggestions)
  • Correction to synchronization when syncing draft meeting request
  • Set default setting “Sync while roaming” to “No”
  • Sending message without password initials crash correction
  • Messaging menu memory leak correction


  • Meeting request creation stability corrections
  • Requiring meeting request corrections
  • Meeting request saving correction if meeting request is saved before sending
  • Meeting update send after editing request


  • Contacts stability improvements (arrow keys pressed rapidly before contacts are loaded, add searched contact to the goup without name, mail box removal, open/close contacts during call, conference call with two same name participants, … )
  • Company name displayed in contacts
  • Group deleting correction when goup is deleted from group edit view
  • Contact group editing view corrections
  • Contacts search corrections (Group cannot be searched after editing its conference service number, Image detail of marked contact is not displayed in search result, Group disappears when add contact to it in searched result view)

Home screen

  • Missed call indicator removal correction after call has been accomplished form action menu
  • Message notifier corrected when several voice messages received


  • New maps version included
  • Free navigation
  • Improved GPS handling
  • Landmark corrections(land mark received vie MMS, Landmarks are not displayed when selecting places during planning route from landmarks application)
  • Voice guidance corrections (turning directions, safety camera)
  • Route planning/saving corrections


  • Browser bitmap memory leak correction
  • Browser closing stability improvement before connection is open
  • Secure connection icon corrections (going to an other secure page, secure connection canceling)
  • When moving multiple Bookmarks, the last selected Bookmark is not moved
  • Bookmark icon correction


  • Spacebar stops working correction
  • Emergency call correction when lock code query is on and call made quickly after power on
  • Theme effects disabled by default


14 thoughts on “New Nokia E72 Firmware 031.023 Now Available – Detailed Change Log Inside”

  1. in the morning-hours of wednesday 21st april 2010 around 4am, aftrer trouble-shooting with my computer-nokia software updater-and nokia connectivity drivers for couple of hours i was able to update my nokia e72-1 to its newer firmware 031.023 from 22* actually my nokia software updater(NSU) was not detecting my nokia e72 after making several attempts with my pc with all the computer skills i earn in recent years i was able to update the firmware, i would also like to mention that the new firmware is not available over the air (OTA) well now it comes about the new firmware goods/bads well first of all the new firmware makes your device user-interface as in menu’s and all faster then before it adds four new icons to your application folder new abode PDF-smart connect-ovi sync- and last but not the least advance communication manager. I thnk there is some problem/bug with the built-in web browser for example if you open any rich-content website like and your are surfing the website search for somethings and click on few links after couple of minutes it say ‘low memory close some applications’ despite that i have some 210mb of space free in my C: driver and some 40mb of RAM i just checked this bug with the help of ‘Jbak Taskman’ just surfing the web for couple of mins it just eats away all your ram and makes 00% of RAM its now when it start giving the memory warnings and all .. Well this review of the new firmware is to be continue here in Pakistan we just get 8hours of electricity out of 24hours so three mins are left for the electricity to go off so

    to be cont…….

    For any information you guys con contact me on my email

  2. It seems I got problem with my effect! Is it disable completely? And for what notice is the older version is seems to be more smoother than this version, 031.023. The application running is not smooth enough, Opera 10, compare to previous version.

    Any way to switch back to older version? Kinetic scrolling is completely missing! 🙁

  3. boo hoo…no hack for this yet…nokia has plugged all the holes. helloox 2.03 is not installing :(. the effects are also turned off as the article says. but is there an option to turn it on…can someone tell me where is this damn option 🙁 read all there is to read on downgrading and finally gave up. i am a lawyer not a technician…hmmm…perhaps its time to consider a career change 🙂

  4. *sriram
    goto controlpanel-themes-select general(from thr tabs) and from its options you can enable/disable theme effects.

    And i agree with the khunnanis* the older firmware was bit slow but it was definately smoother than this new firmware.

    Dear Nokia,

    we are waiting for another new firmware in which we hope you will maintain the smoothness of the previous firmware and the stability of the new firmware. Thankyou

    waiting your loyal user

    najib ur rehman

  5. i don’t know if my problem is related to the new firmware,but i just notice that when i lock/unlock the keypad,the little beep sound is there anyone facing the same problem?
    next problem.this is not related to the new firmware,but my trackpad is VERY sensitive,although i already switch the sensivity to ‘low’.are you guys facing the same thing?
    btw,there is another improvement wich i don’t see in the list of the add more themes,which are personal white and business white.i like it=)

  6. where can i download this upgrade from for my e72-1? sodtware updater is telling me that i am up to date with 023.002

  7. MfE (Mail for exchange) is broken on this version.
    Cant’ sync anymore contacts or calendar.
    It has become a totally useless and expensive unsmartphone for me…

  8. Thaks so much najib ur rehman!! I panicked when I updated the software and thought the effects are completely gone. now the effects are back… Thanks a lot! Forums are really helpful!!

  9. i started installing ner software from nokia ovi suite on my first downloaded than started installing.screen of my device went blank as mentioned on ovi suite,but after some time ovi suite showed connection error.i tried removing battery and usb as said but to no help.i have to take my phone to nokia care where they restarted it but charge me 500rs for older version.Can anybody tell me where exactly i was wrong?what precautions has to be taken before new software update?

  10. New firmware 051.018 is not yet available for E72-2 NAM. It’s been 50 days since its release for E72-1 Europe and we still do not have it in North America. Nokia wants to reward the few Nokia Diehards. I’m not getting any value for my money. I should have opted for the iPhone or Android.

    Keep up the good work Nokia!

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