Last Chance To Enter Our N900 Giveaway

A quick reminder to let you know that you only have a little over 21 hours (entries close April 23rd 11:59 PM IST) to get your name in for our N900 draw. Infact the entries were supposed to end today, however we experienced some downtime earlier in the day and because of that I am extending the contest by one more day so that those of you who were waiting till the last moment can still get in.

Here Is Your Chance To Win 3 Nokia N900's

All you need to do in order to enter is download the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store and simply enter your name in the comments section of the original post. At the end of the contest we will choose one lucky winner based on a random draw.

About Hi-N-Bye:

Hi-N-Bye is a motion controlled accelerometer based application that recognizes hand gestures and eliminates the need of using physical buttons to complete tasks such as answering a call, switching on the loudspeaker, switching between calls and terminating them.

When your phone rings, you can simply look at who is calling and simply put the phone to your ear without pressing a button and the call will be automatically answered. If you are wondering how this works, the following video should help:

Hi-N-Bye is currently 3€ (4$, 2.6£ or 175 INR) at the Ovi Store and has been tested on N82, N95, N96, 5800, N97, N97 mini and the X6, but should work on similar devices as well.


  • The contest is open to everyone, irrespective of geographic location.
  • The last date for entering the lucky draw is the 23rd of April (11:59 PM IST).
  • Downloading the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store is mandatory for entering this contest.
  • The decision of the organisers is final and no queries will be entertained with regard to the selection process. More fine print here.
  • Subscribe via RSS, Email or Twitter so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

PS: Please leave your comments on the original post, to avoid confusion I have disabled comments on this post.