The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian – Something I Have Wanted For Ages

The one thing that I have always wanted on my smartphone was the ability to transfer data off my flash drive/portable hard disk without having to use a computer. Infact, I wrote a post way back in April 2008, requesting it. Come 2010 and my request has finally been heeded to – the N8 supports USB On-the-go.

The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian - Something I Have Wanted For Ages

This means that you can plug in any USB stick/hard drive into the adapter that comes with the N8, connect it to the device and transfer data on the go without needing a PC. The only limit being that you will not be able to transfer files of more than 4GB due to the FAT 32 limitation, apart from that its game on. (This will also obviously not work with hard drives that need an external power supply).

At the just concluded Q&A I was also able to find out that the N8 captures one minute of HD video in about 60 MB, which means you could easily shoot a video clip of over 30 minutes and still be able to transfer it without needing a computer. Great for times when you are on a holiday and want to travel light.

The N8 has loads of small things that I am really excited about – Bluetooth 3.0, it is also the first penta band 3G device (WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100) so no need of having a NAM edition, this will mean consistent firmware updates. What do you like the most about the N8?

12 thoughts on “The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian – Something I Have Wanted For Ages”

  1. wait, do you have to carry an adaptor around? where do you plug it? and if it needs an adaptor, does it come with it?

  2. Yep, it will come with an adapter which will plug into the microUSB cable slot. You can’t really expect Nokia to put a full size USB slot inside the N8, it takes TOO much space! 🙂

  3. oh man – this thing is making me want symbian again. the N97 really threw me off symbian (though i still liked nokia so i went to maemo with the n900) but holy crap does this sound like an impressive device.

    my favorite thing about it? all those features wrapped up in a device that starts a solid $200 less expensive than the n97 started. yup. the price really drives it home for me.

    i got my wife the X6 NAM only a couple months ago and already i’m trying to justify selling it in Q3 and handing her a green N8 instead (green being her favorite color and all).

  4. I made some tests using N8 as media master (for USB memory stick)

    – these play nicely:
    jpg, mp4, avi (generated by virtuadub), wav, mkv

    – fails to play:
    avi from Canon camera

    But yes if I convert my avi-videos to mkv-format (very compact and still good quality using H264) then I can really use N9 as media master for all my photo and video and display then on HD TV.
    Great !!
    Nokia should use this in their advertising campaign. This is really valuable feature.

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