Pinch To Zoom Demoed On The Nokia N8

One new functionality that Symbian ^3 brings to the N8 is multitouch; so far we have seen very little of how well it actually works on the N8, so much so that even the official promo videos did not show it off much.

But as is usually the case, a video of an N8 in the wild has popped up showing how well the functionality works. The auto rotation of the web browser seems to be disabled but You should still be able to make out the smooth zoom.

There is still a lot of time for Nokia to work on the software for the N8, and I am sure by the time it actually hits the market (Q3) the performance will be a lot better.

Hat tip to @Camb078 for the find. [via: Daily Mobile]

5 thoughts on “Pinch To Zoom Demoed On The Nokia N8”

  1. That video was supposed to be private, Can you remove it please?

    Also Auto-rotate works perfectly, cant you see when i rotated the device

  2. Hi, I have no way of knowing if you are the real owner, sadly the email address you provided is fake as well. In any case, the video is uploaded from Daily Mobile’s YouTube account over which I have no control.

    In case you are the actual owner, shoot me an email and I’ll take this down from here.

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