The N900 PR 1.2 Firmware Gets Leaked (Release Candidate) – Changes With Screenshots Inside

The much awaited N900 PR 1.2 feature got leaked this morning on this thread and initial reports suggest that this is a release candidate and that it seems to be working perfectly on the devices of those brave souls who have tried flashing it onto their N900’s.

Key changes/improvements that come with this release include:

  • A revamped virtual keyboard. Screenshot via OptX.

  • Longpress to enter numbers/symbols on the keyboard.
  • The ability to rearrange icons,  no ‘more’ button in the menu.
  • Changes to the camera UI, and a night mode for both photos and video.
  • Qt 4.6.2 is now pre-installed.
  • Video in Skype and Google Talk. Screenshot via AtteK0.

  • The web browser now features a button to activate the portrait mode and a few more option while in the portrait mode.
  • The browser benchmark also seems to have shot up from 8687 to 10141 with this leaked release.
  • USSD codes now work.
  • Type to search for apps in the Application Manager.
  • Another addition is an email widget as well for the desktop. Screenshot via qwerty12.

  • Updates to the Ovi Maps application, but no voice navigation yet.

There is even a video showing off some of the changes outlined above.

I will keep updating this post with the changes, but I strongly suggest you wait for an official release and not flash right now. If you must, this is the thread where it was leaked and it has details about all sorts of download links and torrents to the leaked firmware.

12 thoughts on “The N900 PR 1.2 Firmware Gets Leaked (Release Candidate) – Changes With Screenshots Inside”

  1. This is an old release (the ’12’ in the filename indicates week 12, ie end of March). It is not a release candidate. We are just starting week 18 and the newest RC I am aware of is from week 16.

  2. delete this newsarticle.
    the fw is lwaked and buggy.
    see the whiners at

  3. I am unable to configure my official emails through mail for exchange on N900…..
    its giving an error of “needs a secure connection or the account is not authorize”

    i have tried all the avaiable options even i provide the secure port but still …. i came to know that its a common issue….does any one know for the resolution

    please reply

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