Portrait SMS Comes To The N900

If like me, you have been dying to get portrait SMS working on the N900, its time to rejoice. VertSMS by ossipena is still a work in progress, but the first version has hit extras-devel and with that comes the ability to SMS in the portrait mode. If you haven’t enabled extras-testing, here’s how to do it, the usual warning about software from extras-devel applies.

Portrait SMS Comes To The N900

There is no predictive input so far and it lacks notifications as well. Another annoying thing is that the phone’s default virtual keyboard comes up when you hit the ‘Write your message here’ area. But everything said and done, its a great start.

Here is the development thread, the announcement and the Wiki for the app where you can put feature requests and bugs.

9 thoughts on “Portrait SMS Comes To The N900”

  1. No offense, but if this is really what you think (dying to get vertical sms), then you’ve made a very poor choice when you bought your new phone. The N900 has a horizontal physical keyboard along with a horizontal virtual keyboard, so why buy it and then be frustrated about the keyboard not being vertical??

  2. MortalKombatNow, I bought the device fully aware of what I was buying and I love it. The point I was making was that portrait browsing is not as important as the ability to send messages on the go and Nokia could have concentrated on getting this out first.

    There is nothing wrong is expecting more, period.

  3. @mortalkombatnow

    i travel often and usually i have only one hand free as the other is carrying my suitcase, and i would like to be able to text using the one hand. so its not the fact that oh its an internet tablet not a phone, its always nice to have the ability to use it how i want, plus its maemo, which means i can do whatever the hell i want with it 😀

  4. Portrait on the go for SMS/MMS (inc touch keys) Mediaplayer and Contacts would be a nice to have. In a busy crowded place on the move holding the phone veritcal is prefrered over horizontal for obvious reasons.

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