Opera Mobile 10 Comes To Maemo

Opera Mobile 10 with all its goodies including server side compression (Opera Turbo) for fast web browsing on slow connections has just been released for Maemo. It also features bookmark and Speed Dial sync with other Opera products, and multiple tabs. There is support for a QWERTY keyboard in both portrait and landscape modes.

Opera Mobile 10 Comes To Maemo

This is also this is the first public release of Opera Mobile to include Carakan — Opera’s new Javascript engine. This release also marks the Mobile debut of the Vega rendering library which — among other things — is responsible for rendering all the exciting new eye-candy like CSS3 rounded corners and shadow effects.

Opera Mobile 10 Comes To Maemo

You can download and install Opera Mobile 10 on your Nokia N800/N810/N900 using the phone’s default browser.

There are a number of known issues with this build:

  • Adobe Flash and other plugins are not supported.
  • Screen tearing may be visible when panning, especially in portrait mode. We expect to fix this in a future update.
  • The built-in on-screen keyboard is not supported. Use the physical keyboard or the on screen keyboard included with Opera Mobile.
  • There is no power management support. In practice this means that if you open a page with animations and leave Opera running, you will soon be using a payphone. Power is drained even when Opera is running in the background and/or the screen is turned off.
  • If you set Opera as the default browser, for example by installing the Browser Switchboard, an extra empty tab will get opened every time you open a link from an external application.

In case you encounter problems, please report bugs and issues using this bug wizard and Opera also welcomes feedback on their forums.

It is worthwhile to note that this Maemo version of Opera Mobile 10 was created as a hobby project by a small team of developers in their spare time. In total, about 6 man-weeks were spent on creating the release. Therefore this is not an officially-supported release. “This also means that there may never be a “final” release of Opera Mobile 10 for Maemo devices, since it’s just that much more fun to add shiny new features rather than fixing boring old bugs.”

12 thoughts on “Opera Mobile 10 Comes To Maemo”

  1. Works great but for some reason, closing the browser does not save browsing history and the bookmarks I set up, and keeps asking me to agree terms and conditions on restart. Can’t seem to find the option to synchronise bookmarks either. Anyone has the same problem?

  2. Ericldn: close opera, delete the folder “.opera” under home\user folder, then restart opera. It worked for me.

  3. are you running pr1.2 in those screenshots? That soft keyboard looks slick. If not, how did you get the soft keyboard like that?

  4. I frickin’ love it! Yay! Was looking forward to this sice I had one; was a noticable downside to moving to N900 from my Symbian Nokia. Thought I’d never see it. Big thanks to the Opera guys (and gals?) who put the time in for this!h

  5. I think the fire fox better than opera cause the new fire fox browser incloude html5 for running the flash not dope html5 new os from apple to runing flash

  6. I’m using Opera 10 on my N900 now. It’s lovely. The keyboard is nicer than the maemo original 🙂

    My life is complete. Thanks Opera Maemo Volunteer Corp 🙂

  7. Very good & fast,I’m using it on N800
    If the actual limitation (no flash plugin…) are solved, this will/can
    be my browser!

    One thing what’s boring and haven’t found a way to switch it off,
    are the pop-up characters from the vitual keyboard on the N800.
    Why does it not use the normal virtual keyboard?

    🙂 mmcv

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