Some Interesting Nokia N8 Snippets

The N8 has been on everyone’s mind recently and over the last week, some interesting snippets about the N8 have come to light. The first is that the N8 supports animated wallpapers, the second is a behind the scenes look into the making of the N8 and the final is a real world look at the N8’s video capture ability.

Behind The N8: This video published by the Nseries blog shows Axel, Pinja and Mikko from Nokia’s Mobile Computers design team discussing the inspiration and craftsmanship behind the newest addition to the Nseries family, the N8.

Animated Wallpapers: Daily Mobile has a video showing off Animated Wallpapers on the N8. The best part is that the animated wallpaper is motion sensitive, i.e. it reacts to movement detected by the Accelerometer.

A Real World N8 Video Sample: Soon after the N8 announcement, Nokia showed off a video shot from the N8. It was created with precision using sliders and tripods and we did not have a ‘real world’ sample, until this video popped up. The raw .mp4 shot on N8 is now available for download, if you really want to know how the N8 is going to perform in real life, I suggest you go ahead and download the 88MB file.

I am specially impressed by the audio capture during the video, looks like the dual microphones are really coming into their own on the N8. The focus is also pretty nice. Since the video was shot on a prototype, the final results may vary.

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