The N900 Finally Gets The PR 1.2 Firmware

The much awaited PR 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) Firmware for the N900 is finally available for those of you in the UK, the rest of us will be blessed with this much awaited update tomorrow (OTA) i.e. Wednesday, just like we told you. The update brings a ton of bug fixes (literally), faster performance, inbuilt Qt libraries so you can gear up for some tempting applications, changes to the way the application display is handled and support for paid apps from the Ovi Store. Oh and there is support for Skype video calls as well.

The N900 Finally Gets The PR 1.2 Firmware

The update is available OTA in the UK, but if you want to flash your device to get a fresh start, grab the firmware images from here. The paid apps and the new version of the Ovi Store will be switched on later this week (Thursday) when most people have updated to the new firmware. It will not function on PR 1.1 so you will have to update to benefit, expect to see Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Zen-bound, Angry Birds (level pack), Sygic, Kroll, Weatherbug, and GoGadget.

  • Longpress to enter numbers/symbols on the keyboard.
  • A revamped virtual keyboard.
  • The ability to rearrange icons,  no ‘more’ button in the menu.
  • Changes to the camera UI, and a night mode for both photos and video.
  • Qt 4.6.2 is now pre-installed.
  • Video in Skype and Google Talk.
  • The web browser now features a button to activate the portrait mode and a few more option while in the portrait mode.
  • The browser benchmark also seems to have shot up from 8687 to 10141 with this leaked release.
  • USSD codes now work.
  • Type to search for apps in the Application Manager.
  • Another addition is an email widget as well for the desktop.
  • Updates to the Ovi Maps application, but no voice navigation yet.

The available firmware images include:

  • RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19-1.002_PR_COMBINED_002_ARM.bin 187852797 PR 1.2 version 10.2010.19-1 Latest Maemo 5 USA release for Nokia N900
  • RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19-1.003_PR_COMBINED_003_ARM.bin 187852797 PR 1.2 version 10.2010.19-1 Latest Maemo 5 Middle East and North Africa release for Nokia N900
  • RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19-1.004_PR_COMBINED_004_ARM.bin 187590653 PR 1.2 version 10.2010.19-1 Latest Maemo 5 India release for Nokia N900
  • RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin 187721717 PR 1.2 version 10.2010.19-1 Latest Maemo 5 Global release for Nokia N900

So if you do not want to wait until tomorrow, simply grab the vanilla version for PR 1.2 for your region and get flashing. Use this guide. If you notice there is a specific ‘India’ release, so you can expect the device to hit India anytime now. If you are on a Mac, this is the guide to use.

[Update – If you are in India I recommend staying away for the India variant of the firmware as that lacks Skype support. Go with the Global version].

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115 thoughts on “The N900 Finally Gets The PR 1.2 Firmware”

  1. Got the update this morning here in Orlando Florida but just realize that the additional apps in the app manager is no longer there and missing it like crazy. The video calls work fine over T-mobile service using the google talk video call option

  2. I like virtual keybord much more now…letters are bigger,easier to type…I also like a lot the fact that I can rearange my icons in menu.
    But it is a shame that nothing is done with the basic features like special ringtones for contacts,missed calls,vertical sms typing etc…
    I can’t enable now portrait mode in browser with ctrl shift zero…any ideas how I can do it???

  3. @carol anne

    just open the options and “settings” in MicroB, rotate is now an option you can simply enable. rotate the phone, portrait mode.

  4. …hi guys. i updated OTA just this afternoon …all went well until the phone restarted …then to my horror all the labels of the menus, applications, etc …basically every text of the OS (not including some of the apps i downloaded) appeared like long command strings (example: t890pl_plugin_clock_24hr …anyway you get the point) …the firmware seemed to work fine though minus the weird labels… i could access everything. so i reset the phone to its factory settings… after that everything looked normal. all my files, contacts, and all the apps are in tact, nothing was deleted… and the phone with the new system update worked fine.

    …my question is. should i be worried? or is everything ok already? I’m not much of a techie when it comes to these sorta things that’s why i’m asking your advice.

    …i forgot to mention that while the update was downloading i got disconnected from the net twice… but the downloaded proceeded… and then before it finished downloading it gave me an “update fail” error… after which i just clicked on the update again, it picked up where t left off and continued updating.

    …right now i’m a bit relieved that the phone works and that it was updated… but i am worried that there’s a deeper problem that might resurface. thanks in advance guys. 🙂

  5. I tried downloading over the air and my phone continues to give me the message of “not enough memory in target location”‘ what do I do?

  6. i got the the new firmwear i’m in UAE it’s alreday out just check your apps manager and you will get the update ther but you have to down download it through usb but the the new update not that good the worst thing in this update the screen keybord its not that funcational the old one it’s better than that

  7. I need some help, this is driving me a bit nuts, lol.

    I have tried using the NSU on my pc and I just keep getting the message back saying my phone has the most current software.

    When I have tired to update using the app manager on the phone, it tells me there are no new updates. I have checked in the download section of the app manager and can’t find it there either.

    my phone is currently running version;

    and just to top it off, none of my videos will play. I either get an error message saying the format is not supported or it just comes up with a black screen but does not play anything. someone said the update would fix this, but as I can’t find the update… well..

    so whats the deal. I am currently with Vodaphone, so can anyone help me out.

  8. Okay so it shows that its available for update in my app manager and it gave me the error saying that I need to update it via my PC suite. I went in and erased apps that I had downloaded from the devel catalog, but still the same error. I tried connecting my phone to the pc suite but it isnt working, can someone please help me out?! Ive never played with the x-terminal (slightly scared to), i’ve just downloaded apps from the app manager and uploaded my media.

    I really need some instructions in lamens terms to help me out, im very computer literate and i know how to work software and all, im just not familiar with the linux, coding, etc end of it all.

    help please?!

  9. @Roosevelt: I have T-Mobile too and a MacBook, I’m having troubles updating my phone. Any suggestions?

  10. For the guys and girls having trouble with the error ‘Not enough memory in target location’ Disable your extras catalogs and mozilla catalog
    It worked for me!

  11. Nothing I did seemed to free up enough space for apt-get dist-upgrade so I put a archives directory in /home and linked /var/cache/apt/archives to it. I was then able to complete the upgrade.

    I did get some problems – most likely because I so aggressively tried to free up space before moving archive to /home:

    You might want to run `apt-get -f install’ to correct these.
    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    mp-fremantle-generic-pr: Depends: cmt-firmware-rx51 (= 8.2.2010.08-1+0m5) but
    8.2.2009.47-1.97+0m5 is installed
    Depends: adobe-flashplayer (= but 3.0.0
    .72+0m5 is installed
    E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.

    … and several other problems. Ended up running apt-get dist-upgrade a number of times. I’d say this is not a recommended solution although it did work for me and I’m up and running with the upgrade.

    Here is what I did (from memory). You shouldn’t do this!

    Log in as root or prefix these commands with sudo.

    rsync -av /var/cache/apt/archives/ /home/archives/
    mv /var/cache/apt/archives /var/cache/apt/archives.old
    ln -s /home/archives /var/cache/apt/archives

  12. Hi Vaibhav

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Today I have received the PR 1.2 via OTA (in Mumbai). But I am not sure which version it is? (India/Global). How can I confirm?

    The another question here is that okay I now know that the sequence would be first the firmware & then eMMC to be flashed. But as you said, the phone will boot up after flashing firmware. But the maemo website suggests that the phone should not be switched on in between flashing the two.

    I don’t know linux at all. Please help in the issue.


  13. This update is seriously vexing me…nothing I do allows me to go further than the “back-up” area. I’ve “back-up” my information about 9 times as of now. I don’t know what to do next. Furthermore, I have an Apple computer.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve found a bug with the new PR 1.2 !
    Before when you click on a phone number (special encoding, work with microB, iphone, Android)in a web page, MicroB start the phone application but NOW nothing append, don’t work !!

    it’s work with Firefox, chronium but not microB !!

  15. hi hello, i need help on updating my N900
    i’ve tried upadte it with mobile and it stated that “target area memory is full”
    what should i do?
    please help
    thanks in advance

  16. @Alex

    you have to uninstall some applications and disable the extra-extra-devel and testing

  17. PLEASE HELP i’m in the UK on vodafone i have refreshed my apps managers about 1000 times and still no updated showing is there a special repo for it ???? what am i doing wrong ???

  18. @Grogeek – thanks for replying, i hav disable them but wat kinda apps shall i delete.. i loads of them

  19. Hiya I have just tried the NSU update method and it says I have the lastest software still nothering showing for updates?????

  20. I would love to update my n900. Nothing would make me more happier. Too bad PC suite sucks and barely detects my phone. Definately cant back it up and when it comes to using the updater my phone might as well be a box of cereal with a cord stuck in it because it doesnt have a clue what it is. the only way i can access anything on it through the computer is by turning the phone off?? im really getting over this

  21. Maemo rocks! Skype Videochat on the N900 works beautifully! Thanky you so much Nokia for upgrading an already great phone!

  22. Apparently, if you’re on Vodafone and have —1.205.1 version, this is the Vodafone software release and will have to wait for Vodafone to approve 1.2 before you get it. According to the Vodafone forum, it doesn’t look like it’s coming anytime soon.
    Really not that keen on flashing the phone to be honest. Anyone know any workarounds?

  23. After the N900 1.2 update my aMSN does not work anymore. When re-installing or updating aMSN there appear to be 2 missing files:
    – Libgssdp-1.0-1 (> = 0.6.4)
    – Libgupnp-1.0-2 (> = 0.12.8)

    I’ve tried to install these files, but then get the message (not compatible)

    Has anyone tried to use aMSN after the 1.2 update?

  24. Update was succesful but how can you make a Skype (video)call? I can receive one, that works. But can’t find a way to start one. I only get the Skype IM possibility.

  25. Okay, found it. You need to restart the N900 and then you get the option to make a skype call or videocall when you select a contact.

  26. What is eMMc FOR??
    and which one should be done first??!
    Im totally Im gettin mesg wen i try to update via OTA that I need to do it thru the nokia soft updater but that fails!


  27. First of all N900 is the best phone I ever had – thanx a bunch for that.
    Said that I cannot believe that a Linux driver like Nokia did not make a PC suite for Linux – just cannot understand that at all.

    Tried OTA upgrade to PR1.2 and got stuck in the backup step. The details do however explain that you MUST upgrade through your pc.

    Tride NSU which stalled after 33.6 Mb downloaded data and said it could not connect to the Net (which is working absolutely fine).

    Did the upgrade manually with the Flasher tool and the .bin file.
    Was a bit weary that I might brick it but read through the guides a few times and just took it step by step. The flashing took 1-2 mins once I executed it and the N900 started up ok but all my apps are gone (files, music and pics etc. intact).
    Did not do the eMMC flash (should I have?)
    Any easy way to restore apps and settings?

    Kind regards.

  28. guys download the nokia updater from and after download it conect the usb capel to the n900 and tap start icon on the nokia updater on your pc to recognize the n900 after the nokia updater show you on the screen of the pc if there is any update for the device. I hate two things in this update rp1.2 the screen keyboard it’s so small and not that functional the pervious one better than that and the other thing still there is no update for OVI store still the same boring store. I wish nokia make a move with n900 but still i don’t think so cause n900 will end like the perivous maemo devices.


  30. Hey Vaibhav,

    If someone is in Mumbai which update does he need to install the Global PR 1.2 or Region specific in this case India. is there a difference if someone does a Global versus Indian version.



  31. north what do you aspectfrom nokia you know about nokia style thousand updates till the work done? i’m from UAE and u know in UAE still they trust nokia? but what i see now people start shifiting to black berry and iphone cause sample the best

  32. i cant update my phone it always say “downloading update failed”…
    it says it because of a poor quality internet connection
    and because of problems with their servers…
    anyone can help me pls…

  33. @Zean and Elaztic,

    same happens in Denmark using the OTA and NSU. After 33.6 mb it stops…tried it from many PCs -> wont work 🙁

    Flashing it, is that difficult?

  34. Updated my n900 on relaese day ny OTA…. That went well… (live in denmark)

    Happy about the new n900 update, here some of the changed i notice.

    – when you have a sms waiting the icon in the top left corner i now flashing (yellow)
    – now you can sent music to other phones by bluetooth.
    – holding the bottoms on the keyboard will now write the blue symbols/numbers.
    – play bottum i media player
    – play bottum i media player widget now works.
    – chat support for facebook.
    – portrait browsing.
    – arranging icons
    – now direct link to map from address i contacts
    – options to only show mobilnumbers when sending sms.
    – faster browser.
    and much more.

    But stil waiting for new ovi store coming this week.

  35. Guys,

    I have just updated my firmware to PR 1.2. I got the update through FOTA on my phone but when i tried to install the update it said that you will need NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and when i connected my phone to NSU it was not recognizing the update. what i did to resolve it was i selected the phone to be flashed to the factory settings through NSU and then when it got completely formatted to PR 1.1, i tried to search for that update through FOTA and then i was able to install the PR 1.2 update over the Air…


  36. @ Vinod

    How do you select that preference in NSU ?

    I get 1 option – update SW, which then fails after the famous 33.6 mbs…….

  37. I get also the error message with NSU that the update was not found because of the poor internet connection or their servers… I assume their servers are the problem! What a pity not to be able to install this!

  38. I did it through flasher 3.5, it was easier, for some reason my Nokia updater was acting up, but the flasher was faster and worked like always, reloaded all my apps and that was that, it even works with the 900mhz overclock script, lovely.

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