How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

The Nokia N900 PR 1.2 firmware came out for yesterday. UK users got it over the air yesterday itself while the rest of us will be getting the much sought after fix for the N900 today. But if you do not wish to update over the air, or cannot do so because you do not have enough free space in the rootfs, or for some other reason and you also happen to have a Mac then here is how you can update.

Updating on a Mac is much easier than having to manually flash on a Windows machine and the best part is that you can stay clear of the Terminal and do it in under two minutes with a clean graphical user interface.

  • Next, Download the latest firmware (.bin) file, it will look like “RX-51_xxxxx_ARM.bin”. You will need your IMEI  number to access the downloads, it can be found on the box or by going to Settings > General > About Product.
  • Launch the 770Flasher application.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • You will the above screen. Click Ok.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • Select the firmware file which you want to flash. Next, you should see the following screen.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • Hit Ok.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • You will see the above message. Now insert the USB cable into the Mac, next press ‘u’ on the N900’s keyboard and insert the other end of the USB into it. Within an instant you will see a USB icon on the top right corner of the N900 and feel a small vibration. Now leave the ‘u’ key.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • The flash will begin and will take merely a minute.

How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac

  • Soon you will see the above screen, this is your cue to take the USB cable out and rest assured that you have successfully flashed the N900.

If you are technically inclined, the N900 can also be flashed with the Console, directions here.

Disclaimer: Please do this at your own risk.

7 thoughts on “How Flash The N900 Firmware On A Mac”

  1. it is good to have another option (gui interface) but I have to say that flashig n900 from command line is faster. and more simple. just to issue one or two commands.. I did it without any problems, the most of the time took all the reading of discussions whether to flash mmc storage too or not.

  2. You guys ROCK!!!! Many, many thanks for everything. I was really beating myself over this thing.

  3. This is really working.. I bought my n900 vodafone UK, bitter part is no software update(s), I really needed to flash my n900 into global firmware as am not familiar with tech stuff I didn’t do it through ma windows laptop. but flashing n900 with this software through the mac dead EZ… Really appreciate guys..thank u now itz on global firmware..

  4. Hi~
    first of all, thank you so much for these great shares.I have a question, can i flash the EMMC with this Flasher on mac? thanks for your time!!!

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