Nokia X5 & The X6 8GB Announced at Nokia Connections

At the ongoing Nokia Connections event in Singapore, Nokia’s just announced an addition to the Xseries in the form of the X5. The compact slideout QWERTY device is priced at 165 Euro and aimed at the younger generation.

It runs S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 as the core with enhancements in the standby screen and contacts application. As you can see the X5 looks really tiny in the closed mode and marks quite a departure from Nokia’s traditional design language, it does get the basic styling from the X6 though.

Nokia X5 Announced at Nokia Connections

The X5 is a ‘Comes With Music’ device and also packs a dedicated music key and a set of great loud speakers. It also features ‘Surprise Me’ which allows you to spin the device to play a random track. While not using the music player, a shake will tell you the number of unread SMS’s in your phone.

Nokia X5 Announced at Nokia Connections

The X5 is not to be confused with the X5 that Nokia launched for China Mobile a few months ago. It will first be launched in Indonesia in the 3rd quarter of  this year and will then be rolled out to other countries. At about 165 Euro (9500 INR) the X5 clearly has an eye on the youth, and Nokia is looking to entice users with its messaging solutions which have matured quite a bit in the last few months. It could definitely do well despite its odd design, which for a lot of people borders on ugly.

Meanwhile a refresh to the X6 was also announced, the X6 8GB. This makes three versions of the X6, the X6 32GB, X6 16GB and now the X6 8GB. This also makes for lower price points, which is always a good thing.

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