Week 3 Of The Maemo Masters Invitational – Get Your Entries In

Last week we announced five winners who’d won the title of ‘Maemo Masters’ which enabled them to purchase a ‘Maemo Masters Edition’ of the N900 that comes with special goodies (including a Maemo Masters T-Shirt and a cool BH-214 stereo bluetooth headset) for the readers of The MeeGo Blog.

Week 3 Of The Maemo Masters Invitational

For those of you who missed out, I have some great news. If you entered the first or second week’s contest, I will also consider the same entry for the contests coming in the following weeks AND you can also take part in the third week’s contest again to triple your chances of winning! Sweet?

For those of you who’ve just seen this contest, don’t worry we still have 3 weeks and 15 Maemo Masters to be crowned. So how do you enter this week’s contest? Simple, just enter your name in the comments section to enter. No questions to answer. Good luck!

Winners of week 2:

  • Aruj Ali
  • Mahender
  • Samir Kshirsagar
  • unitechy
  • Salil

Many congratulations! I’ll be in touch via email with the details.

PS: Please note that this contest is geographically limited to those of you in India only.

39 thoughts on “Week 3 Of The Maemo Masters Invitational – Get Your Entries In”

  1. oh… just for india… wish to get the T-shirt… hehe… somebody please post a pic of that, much appreciated.

  2. Heyy! Am interested in this contest and i have entered my name along with my email id….please make me a part of it….Rock On!!

  3. My Name is Victor
    i am interested to participate in this contest too…
    N900 is just amazing…

  4. Entering my name for the Maemo Masters Invitational.

    Hoping to get this awesome device!!!

  5. Very good phone with latest operating system and also the latest smart dragon processor in it. I am very much interested in Maemo OS as I am presently working on Android and also Blackberry OS.

  6. The N900 is a master piece as its the only pc that you can carry for 24 hrs a day and still wont get bored. For geeks like me it like having all the tools handy when you need them the most.

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