Hack: The N900 Gets A Working Bluetooth Mouse

The N8 has it and now, so does the N900 – bluetooth mouse is a go thanks to the efforts of azerty1 who’s even put together a video to show it off. The N900 doesn’t have the bluetooth HID profile that allows for using a bluetooth mouse enable by default, so doing that and the other tasks needed to get the setup up and running is a bit of work, but if TV + Keyboard + Mouse is your thing, its time to hack away.

You can find detailed instructions of the first post in this thread. Oh yes, easy Debian is suddenly now much easier to use.

One thought on “Hack: The N900 Gets A Working Bluetooth Mouse”

  1. this is awesome. hey is it possible to connect our n900 to logitech dinovo mini bluetooth keyboard? it has a mousr touchpad on keyboard?? i was planin to buy one, but when i came to know that n900 ui cant be operated via bluetooth keyboard, i droped my plan. lets hope someone hack n900 for HDMI via usb soon!!

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