How To Set A Custom Ringtone For Each Contact On The N900

Marco Barisione’s just released an app called ‘Ringtoned’ for the N900 that brings the ability to set custom ringtones for each contact in the N900’s phonebook. The best part about this app is that it integrates well with the N900 as there’s no standalone setup, you can asign a default ringtone from the Profiles menu as usual and for custom ringtones, just go to the Contacts application, select the contact and press the new ‘Set custom ringtone’ button in the menu.

How To Set A Custom Ringtone For Each Contact On The N900

  • Search for ‘custom ringtones’ in the application manager after enabling extras-devel and refreshing the repository.

How To Set A Custom Ringtone For Each Contact On The N900

  • To set a custom ringtone, open contacts, select the contact you want and goto options by hitting the name of the contact in the title bar. Select ‘Set custom ringtone’.

How To Set A Custom Ringtone For Each Contact On The N900

  • The UI to set a ringtone is just like the one under Settings>Profile. When you are finished, press done and you are all setup.

The app is available from the Extras-Devel repository, or you can also download it from Marco’s personal repository here. Since this is the first release there might be bugs and if here is heavy load on the system, the ringtone might start after a slight delay. Future versions of this application should have the ability to set a custom ringtone for anonymous phone calls and for calls from an unknown number as well.

The inability to set custom ringtones for individual contacts has been something a lot of people have missed on the N900, but once again through Marco Barisione‘s fine work, the community has come through.

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  1. Oops… nevermind. I did ‘apt-get install ringtoned’ but I guess that’s not the correct package. Doing it through the App Manager worked!

  2. @Bruno A:
    Ringtoned is just the daemon the handles the ringtones. The actual bit that plugs into the address book and into the ringtoned daemon is a separate package called per-contacts-ringtones and displayed as “Custom ringtones for your contacts”.

  3. Hello it’s working ths Marco i have been wating for that kind of application Since “ages”

  4. my desparate wait is over…finally I can set ringtone per contact…need some improvement but I loved it.

  5. cool man…i been surfing around the internet for this apps and finally i got this.just installed and far it work great.installed another one but nv get it to work.

    thanx man!!

  6. Hi all

    I have installed the same & found 2 bugs.

    First is the VIBRATION in incoming call is irratic… sometimes vibrates…sometimes not.

    Second is that I have a leather cover on my cell. So as I receive some call, I take my cell’s cover unlocked. So for those few seconds, the screen gets blank as well as the sound of ringtone is off (I think the proximity sensor works here) but again the screen comes alive with distorted text which rearranges itself back to good screen. But during this period, the ringtone MAY OR MAYNOT resume back. So there is break in the sound many a times.

    Where can I report this bug.

  7. Hey thx.
    It’s what I wait about my N900.
    Now I will can heart who phone me, before I see on the screen.

    Kishore Bhargava have right, now I wait about group of contact. 😉

    (Yes I speak English like a spanish Cow. but I’m French… 😀 )

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