MeeGo Ads – "Two Leading Innovators, One Amazing Platform"

Thanks to @_Nexus on Twitter, I’ve just come across these short ad films that Intel’s produced to showcase MeeGo. If MeeGo has to succeed in a big way, advertising and brand recognition will have to play a major role and its good to see Intel start now.

The ad film is more developer focused, but I though you might to watch it anyway.

4 thoughts on “MeeGo Ads – "Two Leading Innovators, One Amazing Platform"”

  1. Intel never drove anybody away. Nokia did. Past 15 year Nokia has been most hostile platform manufacturer for developers. Their platform, Symbian, is the worst piece of software I have ever seen. It took over 10 year to Nokia to realise that Symbian sucks.

    Now they finally have a good platform (MeeGo) with good development tools (Qt tools). Nokia is typical Finnish company. It can not market their products and once it becomes major player it stops innovating. I am glad that Intel is with Nokia in MeeGo.

    Without Intel Meego would fail.

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