Unboxing The Nokia N8

At the Delhi preview of the Nokia N8, I got hold of a Nokia N8 in what will be its retail packaging and did what everyone is dying to do, unbox it. The contents of the box will vary from region to region with Asia most likely to get a stylus as well. The device will come with a HDMI converter and a microUSB to USB jack for USB on-the-go functionality around the world in addition to the usual Nokia accessories like the charger, headphones and so on.

So without further adieu, here are one of the first unboxing pictures of the Nokia N8 in the world, specially for the readers of The Handheld Blog. Click on the image to enlarge.

As you can see, the box itself is pretty thin and there is minimal use of colours to keep with Nokia’s aim of staying green. Coming soon is our awesome Nokia N8 gallery and to wet your appetite, here is a small teaser.

The Nokia N8 Colours

We also have a detailed video overview of the N8 in the pipeline, so stay tuned and make sure you have subscribed to our feed and are keeping an eye out on Twitter as well.

24 thoughts on “Unboxing The Nokia N8”

  1. Thanks!

    A C, there is no official word yet. Late September is my guess, about $500 at start.

    Hari, all colours are coming to India. I liked the silver, but after playing with them I’m sold on the black!

  2. wow iam so jealous u got yr hands on N8…dying to own one…wat i heard from nokia dealers they r saying end of aug…i hope its true..coz iam tried of waiting….i love orange color..gonna buy tat one…

  3. Hi Vaibhav Sharma ,

    I’m really a fan of n8, let me repost some information that is posted on this blog. Rest assured that proper reference/source information and credit goes to this post.


  4. @vaibhav thats what i want to hear blk also lookin cool to me.

    suggestion ::– u have to add reply option in comment box that will ease to post

    THX BRO 🙂

  5. It’s funny that it took 11 posts to point the super silly and sad error out. Without further adieu! I was laughing crazy reading that. Smack in the start itself! Please, such errors look horrible. Do be careful.Or hire me as your copy editor or something. Or anyone! 🙂 And I’m green with envy. This wait is worst than how I wait for sunset to break my fasts! Seriously!

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