Details On How To Win A Trip To Nokia World & Its Agenda Now Online

As you may be aware, this year’s Nokia World is happening in London in conjunction with the Nokia Developer Summit which makes September 14 and 15 two very exciting days to look forward to. Nokia World is the time Nokia announces its flagship devices and lays down its strategy for the year to come, it is always an exciting event and its 2010 variant promises to be bigger and better.

Detailed Nokia World 2010 Agenda Now Online

The 9 am keynote on day one is generally when the device announcements take place and sure enough, Nokia’s CEO OPK is slated to kick things off.

Detailed Nokia World 2010 Agenda Now Online

What is interesting to note is that Anssi Vanjoki, EVP, Mobile Solutions, has his keynote on day two and I will not be surprised if we see some action there as well. For more specific information, jump over to this page and if you are after general Nokia World info then this is the page to look up.

Oh and if you would like to win a trip to Nokia World, the Ovi Blog might be the place to check out.