The Handheld Blog & ZOMGitscj Hands On With The Nokia N8

In the limited time at the Nokia N8 preview in Delhi, one of the things I wanted to do with the N8 was shoot a hands on video documenting my experience playing with the device for the first time. The idea behind this was to give you an idea of how the device will feel to you when you get it.

But to make things even better and add a whole lot of perspective I and ‘teh’ Clinton Jeff from ZOMGitscj teamed up to not only bring you our initial reactions but also chit chat along the way. The video was incredible fun to shoot and we shot over 25 minutes without realizing it and had to virtually asked to stop. Today I give you part one of our joint hands on.

Have fun and make sure you let us know what you thought of the video. Part 2 will be online soon, so make sure you have subscribed and are following us on Twitter. Here is more of our Nokia N8 coverage.

Major props to Nokia India for organizing this N8 preview.

22 thoughts on “The Handheld Blog & ZOMGitscj Hands On With The Nokia N8”

  1. thanks for the review guys, looking forward for the next part.

    just two things:
    -please, take your own time to play with the device, i know that your time with it is limited but showing the same thing that other sites have showed is not adding too much. no biggie, just a suggestion.
    -AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, tone down that salsa/merengue tune for the next time 😛 it is so distracting.

    thanks for the review one more time…

  2. Hi guys,,
    gr8 review..
    trying really hard not to lose patience and wait for this one to release…

    if u remember it very difficult to mark several files on the nokia 5800 or rather all d symbian touch devices of nokia till date.. frankly speakin its a pain in the wrong place.. lol..

    so is the file marking process d same in d n8?? i hope not….

  3. eagerly waiting. vaibhav next time maintain little distance between mobile AND camera my eyes cant tolerate dull pictures. but this is one of the best n8 reviews, n8 works superb

  4. please turn off the background music. and when you point to show a icon
    or something else without touching it, point slower.Otherwise it seems that it doesn’t recognize the tap.
    Thx for the vid.

  5. i dont mean to be critical, but the entire video looked like two guys were fighting over the n8. that was the most bizarre video i have ever seen. there were 3 or 4 hands all over the device, so half of the time the screen was partially blocked or the camcorder was focused on one guys wrist. next time you get your hands on a device might i suggest one guy control the camera while the other guy demonstrates? if there is a third guy next time maybe he can be the dj, lol

  6. Well seemed like a fanboy review, u were overwhelmed with the phone. It has so many drawbacks, battery is not user replace able its unibody and batter cover has screws. its 625mhz processor, right now hardly any apps etc are loaded once loaded it might it into the ram, processor and battery. Well phone might look good hardware wise but nokia symbian is dead.

    I hate nokia cuz they do not even provide free upgrade to any of there OS even slightest code change is demanding for any old hardware phone. For example N82 had Symbian V3 FP1, the hardware was not enough even to support Symbian V3 FP2 come on its just a feature pack change. I dunno abt N8 but most of em do not charge from USB accept i guess N85 last i remember.

    Camera is not everything in a phone. 12 MP of nokia cannot compete with even a point and shoot. Also how many times do u use TV out?

  7. @Anuj,

    I would be a fanboy of Nokia, and I have been looking forward to the N8, but I think you are right.

    After seeing the recent developments, I am not at all optimistic about the N8. I feel like I shouldn’t have waited for it. And the price ( from the Italy and European pre-order ) seems to have gone up from the initial speculation as well, which is bad.

    Camera, TV-out etc. don’t make a good phone. I want Nokia to succeed, but N8 is not at all promising any more.

  8. its 625mhz processor, right now hardly any apps etc are loaded once loaded it might it into the ram, processor and battery.

    The processor is a 680MHz ARM 11 with a Broadcom BCM2727 GPU. What are you even talking about with regards to RAM, processor and battery? If you install a bunch of applications, all it will consume is your C-drive. If you run applications, well of course they will consume CPU time, RAM and battery. Has anyone made a miraclephone where this is not the case?

    In any case, where is part 2 coming out?

  9. @Manoj right now, even i was in love with nokia using N82 as my first nokia phone but lack of support, major updates and features killed the experience. Built quality top notch no doubt. I saw a prototype i my flight from Bangalore to Delhi but guy did not give me much info honestly i did not find the physical design too appealing, might be different but just not to say Sexy or eye catcher. Screen is as goo as on the one on N85 and standby clock i would say is the best even when the screen is lock or off nifty thing that came with N85 too.

    what ppl do not know symbian 3 is end of life os it will die as soon as it appears, symbian 4 is coming in jan 2011 which is a mix of ios and android, this phone is doing nothing better than android anyways.


    that is my point what is nokia doing different to make it stand out!! you can obviously use a better camera for same price if u put a cheaper processor and gpu in a phone. I know nokia fixed ram issues after N82 but remember as nokia starts filling it starts to get slower blame it on the hardware that matters not caring for camera. My 2 yr old N82 takes 3 seconds to open a contact to edit!! cuz i have lot of data loaded.

    My galaxy S lags due to samsung issue but after modding it a bit (easier on android) its like a ferrari on steroids, more data and stil snappier.

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