N900 Hack: How To Get Faster Scrolling In The Menu Post PR 1.2 Firmware

Post the PR 1.2 firmware for the Nokia N900, the kinetic scrolling inside the menu became painfully slow and coupled with the fact all apps are now displayed on one page, scrolling to the bottom has started taking multiple swipes. If you have a lot of apps installed, then situation is even worse.

But fortunately, as is with most N900 problems, the community in the form of MohammadAG has found a fix and if you are keen on getting the speed back, follow the instructions below.

  • Install ‘wget’ and ‘rootsh’ via the Application Manager.
  • Then open the ‘Terminal’ and run the following commands with the N900 connected to the internet:
wget http://mohammadag.xceleo.org/public/maemo/debfiles/hildon-desktop_kinetic_2.2.138-1+0m5_armel.deb
dpkg -i hildon-desktop_kinetic_2.2.138-1+0m5_armel.deb
killall hildon-desktop
  • That’s it.

If for some reason this method doesn’t work for you or there is a problem with the automatic download, grab this file and copy it to the N900’s root directory (/home/user/MyDocs).

  • Then open the ‘Terminal’ and run the following commands:
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/hildon-desktop_kinetic_2.2.138-1+0m5_armel.deb
killall hildon-desktop

This method replaces the default ‘hildon-desktop package’ with a modified variant that also has fixes for PR 1.2 bugs like call UI glitches. After installing this, if you were to use an apt-get command to update, the N900 will reinstall the default version. To override this, enter the following commands in the terminal.

echo "Package: hildon-desktop
Pin: release a=unstable
Pin-Priority: 1001" >> /etc/apt/preferences

A huge hat tip to MohammadAG for this very welcome fix, if you want to know more, this is the thread to follow.

8 thoughts on “N900 Hack: How To Get Faster Scrolling In The Menu Post PR 1.2 Firmware”

  1. I can recommend using Catorize App that can be downloaded on the App Manager in the Maemo Repo… That’s a good solution for those who are new to the N900 and doesn’t want the full list of apps installed everytime they would need to look for those apps that they are going to use

  2. As an alternative…so one does not have to use multiple swipes to scroll down…one could make their own folders to place the apps in…

    I found a great little app, called ‘apmefo’…it allows the creation of folders within the apps menu, with user chosen names and icons….far better than early apps like ‘Catorize’ or ‘MyMenu’

    Now, finally, my N900 has personalized folders, apps all in logical folders….which is much faster than scrolling down for ages to find your desired app.

  3. works nicely. bear in mind if you’re using a modified transitions.ini, you will have to backup your existing /usr/share/hildon-desktop/transitions.ini to copy back over after installing this .deb. Also, my accelerometer works fine, no change there. I disliked the look of catorize, haven’t really played with mymenu or apmefo, but I will definitely give the latter a look.

  4. @Alex Have you tried turning it off and on again? Sometimes after a reboot mine doesn’t work (since PR 1.2) but rebooting it usually does the trick (although does sometimes take 2 or 3 goes…). Have also noticed a glitch where the accelerometer doesn’t seem to work if the phone was rebooted with the keyboard open. Hope this helps sort the problem.

  5. @Owen J Yes, i rebooted several times, accelerometer didn’t work. I reverted to original hildon-desktop and the problem disappeared. I didn’t tried to reboot 3 times however 🙂

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