Pinch To Zoom In Ovi Maps Possible On The Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 features a 3.5″ capacitive multitouch display, but till the last time I say it, only a few apps such as the browser, photos and the email client were able to use the multitouch capabilities. One place that I would have loved to see multitouch work was Ovi Maps but it didn’t support it at that time. However courtesy @Camb078 I have just stumbled on the following video that shows pinch to zoom working inside Ovi Maps on the Nokia N8.

I personally love Ovi Maps and this make the whole experience much better. Skip to the last one minute of the video to see pinch to zoom in action.

Nokia is really working on making the whole N8 experience amazing and I will be happy to wait for a perfect device than see a rushed firmware. Multitouch on the keyboard next?

4 thoughts on “Pinch To Zoom In Ovi Maps Possible On The Nokia N8”

  1. I think he said that device will be shipped with ovi maps 3.4 and the version he had on his phone was 3.5.

  2. Hi,
    I am one of the Guy’s from this Video. šŸ™‚
    Kay said that it will be shipped with Ovi Maps 3.4 and he got a Pre Version of Ovi Maps 3.5 on his Nokia N8 that he showed us.


  3. Hey thanks! I personally think will be missing a trick if they ship it with 3.4 then. Not a lot of people update their devices frequently and the initial impression is what matters in determining if the device will succeed.

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