Five Nokia N8 Ads

I have just come across five very different ads for the Nokia N8. Not only are they in Chinese, buy the way they are done is very far drawn from what you expect from usual advertisements. I haven’t seen many Chinese ads, so may be this form of marketing is what works there.

The first one is perhaps the most entertaining for non Chinese speaking people and has a ton of effects that make the N8 look incredibly cool.

What sort of marketing campaign are you expecting from Nokia for the N8 in your region? The usual highlight the features and be done with it or focus on an activity/emotion and keep the N8 in the background sort of ads?

Hat tip to Chris for the find!

4 thoughts on “Five Nokia N8 Ads”

  1. Most of these adds are taking the Nokia Push N900 concept further to the N8.
    It definitely fits the slogan: “It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it”
    We’ll see more of that soon, and that’s great!

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