Live Pictures Of The Nokia E7

We’re live at Nokia World and I have just come out of the Experience Lounge after having a play with the Nokia E7 and I can tell you its one sweet device. Almost as slim as the N8, 4 row QWERTY keyboard, HDMI out, similar processor details to the N8 and an 8 MP camera which shoots HD video. The only slight dissappointement for me was the EDOF focus system on the camera and another cause for concern is the 1200 mAh battery. But from what we are being told, one day of heavy usage should be possible still.

Right then, time for a ton of live E7 pictures. Enjoy.

I also have another treat coming, Nokia N8 v Nokia E7 pictures. You do not want to miss those. Keep on top of all the latest at Nokia World here.

3 thoughts on “Live Pictures Of The Nokia E7”

  1. wow.. looks just too good in my fav aqua blue.
    btw since it has hdmi and so does the n8, have you used your n8 with hdmi conected to hd tv for web browsing? my point is its got 720p, so does its shows web browser in 720p res while connected via hdmi?
    if you havnt tried this, can ask people at nokia world wheater n8 or e7 can do this thing plsss.. its the most imp feature to find out..

    just imaging browsing web on a 42″ hdtv with just a bluetooth keyboard and mice.. or watching favourate movies from a portable 500gb hdd conected via otg!!
    sweet lord….

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