NFS Shift On The Nokia N8: Serious Gaming Potential

The Nokia N8 has a dedicated graphics processor that takes the load off its other 680 MHz processor when you are playing games, showing off pictures and with other graphics related tasks. Till today, I hadn’t really seen it in action but at ‘An Evening With Ovi‘ I did some gaming on the N8, with Asphalt and NFS Shift and I have to say it was pretty nice.

We had the N8 hooked up via HDMI to a large screen television and here is what the experience was like.

(Play the video in HD to get a better idea of the crisp and pretty smooth experience)

NFS Shift will hit the Ovi Store once the N8 starts shipping and there will be a bunch of games that take advantage of its faster processing capabilities, looks like Symbian and great gaming will go hand in hand once again.

3 thoughts on “NFS Shift On The Nokia N8: Serious Gaming Potential”

  1. NFS Shift is a great start for the new Symbian gaming platform but continued developed of good games is equally important to sustain the platform…Nokia cannot afford another Ngage debacle..

  2. Wow, this really rocks. Great progress for Nokia with the N8, this is the first Nokia device since my N95 i just gotta have 🙂

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