Pictures: Nokia N8 v Nokia E7 – The Clash Of The Titans

Post the E7 Nokia World announcement, the big question on everyone’s mind is going to be whether to get the Nokia N8 now or wait for the E7. Get a 4 row full QWERTY or settle with all touch. 12MP auto focus v 8MP EDOF focus. Xenon v Dual Led?

The Nokia E7 has a lot going for it, the new polarised display, the slim profile full QWERTY. But the real deal comes through when you put the N8 and the E7 side by side. I just did that and here are live images of the devices in action.

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7 thoughts on “Pictures: Nokia N8 v Nokia E7 – The Clash Of The Titans”

  1. Both N8 and E7 are going to steal the show. I need both. Never thought that E-series is going to be such a great device and that too from Nokia breaking all barriers for Business models. Beautiful.

  2. Wow.

    So basically, the E7 is an N8 with a QWERTY. Spec list is impressive. Still a huge change from the E90. IMHO, the E90 — and, especially ever Nokia Communicator before it — was always the inner big screen & QWERTY.

  3. 4.0 inch screen but a pitiable resolution. The E7 is enticing nevertheless, but the Android world seems to be more enticing than E7 or N8. What say Vaibhav? apart from the 12mp Carl Zeiss camera, do you think the N8 can stand against Droid 2, Evo 4G and others?

  4. Each phone has its own merits…Would go for E7 but shame it doesn’t support memory cards only an internal memory of 16 Gb! A shame really! But great specs nevertheless…

  5. It supports microSDHC up to 32GB. That phone is nearly as much hardware as my E90! lol. But seriously, a really great piece of work.

  6. I’ve looked at the spec sheet – and site – and am wondering about the microSDHC support — must of missed it completely

  7. Good pics. Now what we need is a detailed comparison of the software apps that ship with each phone. What’s the N8 missing that the E7 has got, and vice versa. What software is someone in business gonna have to buy, to use the N8?

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