The Nokia N8 Gets Its Second Mod: Continuous Auto Focus In Video

We just saw hyperX carry out the first mod on the Nokia N8 (video at 30 FPS and less image compression) yesterday and the results were pretty impressive. What does he have up his sleeve today? Continuous Auto-Focus in the video mode, complete with an option to turn it off. Here’s a screenshot he has published:

The Nokia N8 Gets Its Second Mod: Continuous Auto Focus In Video

For those of you wondering how well does it work, here is a video sample.

If you have a N8 and would love to test this out yourself, shoot him an E-mail. I do have to admit, HD video at 30 frames a second with continuous auto focus does sound sweet.

13 thoughts on “The Nokia N8 Gets Its Second Mod: Continuous Auto Focus In Video”

  1. Do you know what? I actually prefer the standard N8 of having everything in focus all the time. This mod is clever, but actually worse in practice than normal N8. Why do we think Nokia don’t know best?

  2. I agree, what Nokia’s done is generally the best for most people. However, if the power users want something extra, why not let them have it? As you can see from the screenshot, you can turn off the continuous AF via the menu.

    There are obvious drawback like the sound of the camera focusing, loosing focus for a while when the camera hunts for the subject and so on but its still great to have.

    Also, another mod could be to use the camera button to focus while shooting video instead of AF. That’s why we love mods – they’re so flexible.

  3. i have the Mod installed, worked nicely. But i found an issue with this video auto-focus, it’s very noisy. That auto-focus noise is very noisy. Is there any hack to stop that noise, or is this just how it is?

  4. frndz i dnt have any option of Continuous Auto Focus In Video mode.. help me wht can i do??? 03123000705 my cell;

  5. Hi! My N8 looses focus on video mode like it should, but then stays that way… Unfocused. I can’t capture videos at all… All the videos come out a blur, even when pressing the camera button for focus it still doesn’t focus. Is this a usual problem or should I send it in?

  6. If you are running Belle and select the close up mode the device does use auto focus in video, however otherwise the N8 should keep everything in focus provided its about 15-20 cm away from the phone.

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